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Sri Vaikundam - The Final Destiny - Introduction

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Feb 16 1996 - 12:40:50 PST

Sri Rangarajan thiruvadikaLE saraNam

 Being born in the southern banks of the kauvEri that surrounds this booLoka
vaikundam, Srirangam, and and being born due to the grace of Lord Oppiliappan
due to sravana vrathams of my parents,and being born in the star of Sravanam
itself  (abhijit to be specific as per the exact time) I want to attempt to
write on Arangan and Srirangam which I consider the most important part of my
religious pursuit.

 I have been collecting details on SriRangam for sometime now, both from
literatures and known sources, including my own experiences. Even now if I
think of HIM, and this place, they are so much alive within me and I can
mentally go there within the split second and enjoy the beauty of Arangam. I
wanted to summarise these information in some way which is useful for the
Srivaishnavaas and alike in this group and elsewhere. In order to present this
information which is like a tour through the seven worlds to the final destiny,
Arangan Himself, Our structured approach has to be followed and all these and
more. One can write several books if a thorough research is done into all the
components of these structures and factors that regulate them. However, I am
presenting the highlights of it which are important for us as Srivaishnavaas.
I welcome any more input into this process ie if anyone has any additional
information on these, please reply to me. What I am presenting is only 15 % of
the detailed information I have. I hope everyone will read these first two
parts, visualise Arangam and surender to HIM mentally atleast from where ever
they are. Even if one Jivan is surrendered mentally to ARangan in this process,
I would feel it a great accomplishment of my soul as a service to Arangan. The
first part is the approximate layout of the town itself. One need to keep this
handy to read the second part which is the brief narration on Arangam.

Sampath Rengarajan