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Re: Ekadashi dates (fwd)Please, help

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Feb 14 1996 - 19:56:09 PST

Sri Tandon"s questions on Ekadasi : Besides the 
physological benefits of giving rest to our
system twice a month, there are a lot of
tradition behind the fasting  from the Saadhana /
Anushtaanam point of view. Ekadasi is largely 
associated with the Celebration of Sriman Narayana 
and remembering with devotion the many important 
events associated with his leela and Nitya Vibhoothis,
and Avataras . Some Ekadasis have a very specail 
importance in the hierarchy of Ekadasis (viz): 
Vaikunta Ekadasi(Makara Month), Kaiska Ekadasi
(Vricchika Month ), Sarva Bhisma Ekadasi (Dhanur month ), 
Vaisvanara Sayana Ekadasi (Mithuna month ), Sarva Parivartana 
Ekadasi (Simha Month ), and the one next month known as
Krishna Ekadasi , when Sravana Nakshatram is in ascendance
(March 15). The Ekadasis are linked with the concept of Hari Vaasaram.
I have some notes on Ekadasi, its significance and the 
fasting tradition somewhere in the basement. I will search for it 
and post a note , perhaps this weekend.
One should not forget Dwadasi either , since breaking the Ekadasi fast
through Dwadasi Paaranai is associated as a joint vratam. Special 
food (a special kind of Spinach and Nellikkai Pacchadi ) is
taken  on Dwadasi day. 

Lucky indeed are those , who could fast on Ekadasi days and reflect
on the glory of the Lord or do Nama Japa or Sankeerthanam or
other recommended acts for the day. It is tough to 
practise in the hurly -burly of schedules at the height of one"s
profession. Our Sastras permit abbreviated versions on those Ekadasi
days, where total fast is not possible either because of age, 
illnes or other interferences. 

I will come back with additional Info soon,
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RE:	Re: Ekadashi dates (fwd)Please, help

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