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Re: Ekadashi dates (fwd)

From: Manish Tandon (
Date: Wed Feb 14 1996 - 08:21:51 PST

With all this talk of dates, could someone tell me what is the
'actual' reason behind following ekadashi? I have heard various
reasons like eating (esp. grains) causes accumulation of karma,
the Lord likes us to fast, etc. etc. None very convincing tho
from a jnana/bhakti perspective. Brihadaranyaka says something
to the effect that people try to know Him thru austerities, fasting,
etc. and knowing Him, one becomes a 'muni', but that can be
applied to any fasting not just ekadashi.

I have been following it for some time now but it becomes a real
problem when out on business trips. I'm concerned about tommorow
since I am leaving right now and this came up on a very short 
notice :-(