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Chaturbhuja Venugopalan

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Feb 11 1996 - 08:46:58 PST

Vijay: Chaturbhuja Krishna Vigrahm is not
uncommon. For Example, Sri Guruvayurappan 
has Sudarsanam, Conch, Mace and Lotus in his
four hands to fit  the iconic describtion of Sriman 
Narayana. Dwibhuja Krishna Vigraham is also 
worshipped at Raja Mannargudi, Thiruvallikeni
(Moolavar) .  

The Chaturbhuja VENUGOPALAN  in the TRIBINA  pose
playing flute is indeed rare. The only Vigraham that
I know of is that of the Family deity of Venugopala
worshipped by Veenai Kuppaiyer KNOWN OTHERWISE AS 
Narayanagowlai Kuppaiyer .He was  the direct disciple of
Saint Thyagaraja of Thiruvayyaru. There is  a picture of
that Vigraham in the Puja Mantapam of Veenai Kuppaiyer
house in the monograph written by Professor Sambhamurthy 
entitled Great Composers. Madanagopala Sundari Murtham 
with 8  hands has also the Conch,Chakram, Vamsa Naalam
(Flute) in its hands along with the Ankusam, Goad, Pushpa 
Bhaanam and Cane Sugar Bow in the other hands to 
represent the Aspects of Sri Vidya. This Vigraham was the 
Upaasanaamurthy of Otthukkadu VenkataSubbaiyer and 
Leela Sukhar, the author of the delectable Krishna Karnamrutham 

P.S: The Family of Veenai Kuppaiyer , Viz., THiuvottiyur 
Thyagarajar lived near Madras and the Vigraham referred 
to above is with their family.