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Re: Saraswati and Hanuman
Date: Wed Feb 07 1996 - 19:11:34 PST

I have heard from another Prapanna who has in turn read the book of a
Vidwan on this question that Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati in
connection with the AvAhanam refers to Mahalakshmi only and it is
Mahalakshmi that takes these 3 forms.  These names relate to
Mahalakshmi in the same way that Indra, Agni etc in the 3 vedas
relate to Narayana. (i.e. oblations offered in the name of these gods
is actually meant for Narayana only).

In this connection Vedanta Desikar remarks that when a kings servants
put garland around the king's coat they intend to please the king and
not his coat.

Regarding Anjaneya, it is evident from His life that no Karma was
involved in connection with His leelas with Rama.  A person in karma
or a baddha jivatma forgets his eternal relationship with Narayana
and worries about how he will get his food, clothing and shelter and
works very hard to obtain these.  Hanuman instead showed by example
how a perfect soul lives.  He only cared for Rama's service.  It was
Hanuman who established friendship between Sugreeva and Rama.
Sugreeva forgot all about helping Rama locate Sita, after having had
the burden of worrying about Vali removed.  He went back to enjoying
sense gratification with Tara (Vaali's wife whom Sugreeva married).
Hanuman, on the other hand only remembered Rama's service.  When the
Rakshasas set His tail on fire, He did not even bother to cry for
help.  It was Sita who prayed to Agni after hearing the news from the
Rakshasis and Hanuman did not feel any heat from the fire.  When
Hanuman had to go to Lanka, he was accosted by a demon in the sea.
He killed the demon (that is got rid of an obstacle in His service),
and proceeded to Lanka, removed another obstacle in the form of
Lankini, and proceeded to meet Sita.

When Hanuman had to get the Sanjivini mountain, he was accosted by
Kharadhooshan, whom He killed.  On His way back, with the mountain,
He was injured by Bharata who mistook Him for a Rakshasa.  None of
these serious obstacles stopped Him from serving Rama.  He
exemplified Vedanta Desikar's definition of Mukti as service to
Narayana "at all times, in all places and under all circumstances".

Whether Hanuman was ever a baddha jivatma in the past is something I
do not know.  I have not heard Him being referred to as a Nitya Suri.