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(Fwd) mazhisai vandha sOthi

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Feb 05 1996 - 05:44:25 PST

Sri Parthasarathy Dileepan's write up on Thirumazhisai siththar was precise and
noteworthy. I would love to acknowledge his modest approach when he said about
the "thiruch chantha viruththam" and its meanings. Mr. Pathasarhaty was kind
enough in providing the inner meanings of one of the paasurams through a
personal mail to me soemdays back. Though I may not want to reproduce the same
paasuram here (I hope Mr. PD may want to redo it by himself someday), I want to
add to his note on Thirumazhisai piraaN and quote from the thriuk kudanthai
paasuram again (I had quoted this paasuram in the thala puraaNam posted here
earlier). Aazhwaar had exculsively delivered six paasurams in series on this
LORD. "viruth tham" means "progression" and most of the paasurams are in
arithmetic progressions (of numbers one to eight) arranged in an unique order
to explain the attributes of the LORD. However, this one paasuram was the
reason for amuthan's kidanthavaaru ezhunthiruntha kOlam (kOlam has to read as
beautiful posture).

nadantha kaalkaL nonthavO nadunga NYaalamEnamaay
kidantha mey kulungavO vilangu maal varaich churam
kadantha kaal parantha  kaavirik kudanthaiyuL
kidantha vaaRezhunthirunthu "pEsu"! "vaazhi kEsanE"

  Oh Lord , having walked all the way down to SriLanka, are you tired and
stretching your legs ? or having carried the booLogam in varaaha avathaarma are
you worn out and are taking a nap ? can't you lean forward and talk to me from
your bed itself ?

 The Lord of thirukudanthai responded and woke up and rose
from his bed in a posture (like easy chair posture) with one hand attempting to
support his head. At this time, thriumazhisai aazhwaar realised that he
unnecessarily disturbed the LORD from his yoga nishtai and prayed to him

"vaazhi kEsanE" "ie "Live as it is, Lord kEsavaa".

The Lord stayed in that position and this sayanam is called uthiyOga sayanm
(lord is called uththaya sayani) or kidntha vaaru ezhuntha sayanam. Some days
back whenI wrote the thala puraaNam, I had explained about the "soundaryam" of
both moolavar (araavamuthan) and ursavar (saarangapaaNi). Some one followed the
thread and said they cannot be silent from saying that the ursava moorthy of
their town was the most good looking. Out of strong bakthi for the Lord each
one will have the same feeling about their Lord from their respective town. I
am from Kumbakonam. Further more to add that the following puraaNams talk
about this moorthis who are "soundaryam pRasiththam"

1. brammaanda puraaNam
2. paathma puraaNam
3. pavishya puraaNam (32 aththiyaayam for this temple alone)

 Though I donot want to derail the intent of the post, I have to make this
comment on the soundaryam of the Lord from puraaNams and mention here that it
(the beauty of amuthan) is even more enhanced by the "kidanthavaaru
ezhunthirunthu" episode of thirumazhisai aazhwaar as this is the only and only
sayanap perumal who looks into one's eyes from his kidanthavaaru
ezhunthirunthu pose ie half risen from his bed.  All the other "Rangans" are in
"yOga nishtai" . This beauty can be seen and cannot be explained or countered
by small words. Thirumazhisai attained moksham here in amuthan's sannithi and
his brindaavanam is near to this temple in saath thaarath theru.

Thirumazhisai thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Sri KOmaLa vaLLi Sri Amuthan thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Sampath Rengi