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Re: Celebration of Ramanuja Jayanthi

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Feb 02 1996 - 13:14:34 PST

There have been a number of queries regarding the celebration.  I have tried to 
summarize what I think will be the format of the program.  Once the program 
starts taking shape, I am sure, there are a number of people in our group who 
can provide invaluable inputs.  Given below are some of the preliminary 
thoughts I have on the subject:

The celebration if held in Buffalo will not be organized by any recognized 
mutt.  On the otherhand it will be an effort that will mostly involve the 
members of the Prapatti group.  Our local temple has a wonderful priest 
(Kozhiyalam Swami's sishya) who can perform the Aradhanam to begin with.  This 
can be followed by lectures for eg. by Sadagopan, Mani, Sampath Rangi, P. 
Dileepan, Bharadwaj, Koti Sreekrishna and Muralidhar Rangaswamy on topics of 
their choice.  We can also invite an external speaker.  We can have Vedic, 
Divyaprabhandham, Ramanuja Nuttrandhadhi and Desika sloka (prefarably Yatiraja 
Spathathi) recitation.  We can also have Bhajans or a musical recital should 
any of our member would like to give it.  Finally we can conclude the day by 
having sahasranama parayanam.  I am expecting at least 25 families from Buffalo 
to participate in this celebration.  

This forum can also be used to explain the goals of SVTK.  I am thinking that 
it is our Lord's desire that we should do what we are doing in all earnestness
.  It does not matter whether we succeed in bringing newer people to the fold 
of Vishishtadvaita Siddhantha.  We would still do a great service to those who 
born as vaishnavites are abandoning the path shown by our acharyas (that too in 
ever increasing numbers - kaiyil neyyai vaithu kondu vennaikku alaivadhupol) 
and instead find solace in paths that are inimical to the doctrines of 
Vishishtadvaita philosophy and probably to their own nature.  The light that 
has been kindled should now begin to engulf everyone in its brightness.  

Please forgive me if I have spoken anything wrong in my enthu.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan