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Proposal for Sri Ahobila Muth complimentary to SVTK
Date: Fri Feb 02 1996 - 18:32:28 PST

Efforts are underway in India to raise a corpus fund of
about Rs. 2 crores and present it to Srimadazhagiya
Singar during HH's 71st thirunakshathram about 10
months from now.  We have undertaken to raise as much
as we can from the U.S.  For this and other charitable
religious purposes, a non profit religious corporation called
Sri Ahobila Muth has been registered in the State of
Maryland with tax-exempt status.  All contributions
made to Sri Ahobila Muth are now 100% tax-deductible.

Here are some suggestions about how you can help.

(1)  If it is in your means, make a life-time subscription
to NP with a contribution of $500.  Sri Ahobila Muth
would like to have about 2000 subscribers from overseas
who will be able make a one time subscription of $500
for life.  The subscription may be routed through the
U.S.A. Sri Ahobila Muth for tax deductibility.
(2)  Canvas and procure new subscribers for the
(3)  Make 100% tax-free financial contributions
through the U.S.A. Sri Ahobila Muth.  Here are some
suggestions.  Select one based on your financial situation.
     a)   a one time contribution of $1,008,
     b)   monthly contribution of $30,
     c)   a one-time contribution of $108,
     d)   any amount that you are presently able to.
(4)  This is probably the most important - put us in
contact with people in your area who are likely to
help.  They do not have to be Srivaishnavas or anything.
We shall talk to them about the benefits of contributing
to Narayana's dear most servants and their projects.  If you wish to
remain anonymous, your confidentiality will be preserved.
(5)  Purchase books published by Sri Visishtadvaita
Research Centre.  A partial list will be posted separately.

Make your checks out to Sri Ahobila Muth and mail it to
5539 Columbia Pike #808
Arlington, VA 22204.

The names of all the contributors will be submitted to
Srimad Azhagiya Singar for HH's blessings.

In this context it is relevant to consider the information
that Sri SVS Raghavan of the Visishtadvaita Research
Centre, 66, Rangachari Road, Alwarpet, Madras, India
which is run primarily by Sri Ahobila Muth sishyas, has
provided when he responded to our request for
permission to use Sri Nrusimha Priya material for the 108
CD project.    Sri. SVSR is of the view that there must be
one focal point for our kainkaryams and Sri Ahobila
Muth with its long history, large following, and most
importantly, non-sectarian service, is most eminently that
focal point.  In support of this, Sri. SVSR presented many
details, some of which are paraphrased below.

(1)  Under the leadership of the present Jeer, Sri
     Ahobila Muth has made significant contributions
     to several temples not under its control.  Notable
     among these are:
     a)   continuing monthly financial commitment
          for  Azhwar Thirunagari temple, which is a Tengalai
     b)   diamond pendant for Sri Emperumaanaar at
          Sri Perumputhoor, and
     c)   efforts to replace the jewelry stolen from
          Madhurandhagam and Kumbakonam
          temples, and many more.

     Of the many temples that are in direct control of
     the mutt, the ones that belong to the list of 108 DD
     are, Sri Ahobilam, Thiru Adhanoor, Thiru
     Pullamboothangudi, and Thiru Evvul.

(2)  The Mutt itself is a roving Dhivya Desam.  The
     reigning deity of the Muth, Sri Malolan, is the
     Utsava moorthi of one of the nine shrines of Sri
     Ahobilam.  Thirumangai Azhvaar did
     mangalaasaasanam for this perumaaL.

(3)  The Muth's school in Madurantakam trains priests
     and vedic scholars belonging to a variety of
     religious persuasions, Vadakalai, Thenkalai, and
     even Smartha.  Many of the families of these
     priests-in-training are so poor that they do not want
     the children back home even for holidays.

(4)  Study of 4,000 dhivya prabhandam is an integral
     part of the curriculum at the Madhuranthagam

(5)  Support for ariyar community, including financial
     support, is provided by the mutt.

(6)  Vedic scholars, irrespective of affiliations, are
     supported by the Muth.

(7)  The present Jeer has reached out to the heads of
     other mutts, both Vadakalai and Thenkalai.  He has
     openly committed Himself for the expansion of Sri
     Vaishnava community and the strengthening of Sri
     Vaishnavam without rivalry among sampradaya.

(8)  Sri Ahobila Muth is in the forefront of bringing all
     Srivaishnavas together and is publishing books in
     English to meet changing language proficiency of
     the population.

(9)  The monthly magazine, Sri Nrusimha Priya,
     published by the mutt, caters to all Sri Vaishnavas
     irrespective of affiliation.  Several English articles
     are included in every issue.  The magazine is now
     completely redesigned with lots of colour pictures
     of 108 Divya Desam deities and articles about the
     life of Sri Vaishnava acharyas of all sampradaya.

(10) To expand the scope of readership an English
     Edition of Sri NP is being planned.
(11) The Muth in India will help in the formation of a fully
functional Muth facility in the USA with the help of dedicated local

At this point I would like to draw your attention to a
discussion we had in this forum on the role of SVTK.   It
was pointed out at that time that we must support Sri
Vaishnava organizations in India.  Therefore, I would
like to submit to this group that Sri Ahobila Muth, due to
its wide following and its support for Sri Vaishnavism of
all sambradaya, can be the focal point such support.  In
this spirit I once again request your support.

Thank you.