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ParimaLa Ranganaathan "Oodal"um, parakaalan kalikanRiyin "naadal"um, pin "saadal"um

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Feb 02 1996 - 05:36:55 PST

 Thanks to Dr. Sadgopan for his detailed posting on TNK. In my post yesterday
aazhwwar's arulicheyal and perumal's avathaarach cheyal, it was attempted to
express the indepth desire of the Lord for fulfilling adiyaar's appeal. In an
effort to follow up, and offer the other side, I am trying to present the
follwing with my limited knowledge.

	There are citations where the Lord acted the other way ie .. delayed or
pretended as if HE wouldnot pay attention to aazhwaar. Some explantions were
given that the Lord wanted the aazhwaar to deliver more and more paasurams and
hence didnot responsd until such time when HE thought that adequate paadal or
"paasurams" are deliverd for that sthalam. The sthalam or dEsam here in
discussion is thiru inthaloor, popularly known as maayavarm and also known as
pancha Rangam and athima rangam. Maayavarm has a Railway station and is on the
way to Kumabakonam from Madras. When thirumangai reached here the kOil was
closed or "nadai saarththap pattathu". Thirumangai wanted the Lord to open the
temple and offer him darshan and hence started delivering his pathigam on the
perumal as the dorrs remained closed. The Lord wanted to get "more paadals"
from the aazhwaar and pretended not to respond. It is stated that thirumangai
aazhwaar and Perumal were in a state of "oodal" (pOlik kObam or pretend to be
angry) during this episode.


 Azhwaar never gave up on Lord's Oodal and pursuaded further and said
that YOU will never tolerate might have happened now". The Lord asked the
aazwaar" what is this new thread ?" And the aazwaar replied "Oh Lord the
current situation in the world is such that one always look for a replacement
if something possessed is lost or gone for ever. But I am not like that . The
more and more YOU try not to appear in front of me , The more and more Iam
eager to see YOU and my bakthi grows exponentially on YOU. and YOU see YOU are
not offering darshan to such a bakthaa".

naanGal yaar theriyumaa "maRanthum puRanthozhaa maanthar"


 He further asked HIM " oh Lord you "promised" that YOU will offer the same
darshan that YOU offer to "nitya sooris" in vaikundam, also here in boo Logam
thiru inthaLoor. can YOU still postpone ?

 Aazhwaar sings that I am your ardent servant and the entire universe knows
that. This position of yours being silent and not offering your darshan to me
is not a "one to one" problem between YOU and me. The implication will be
such that if the world comes to know of this that YOU refused to offer darshan
to thirumangai your ardent servant, then  they will abuse and redicule you. I
not be the reason for such a pazhi or "Esal" or abuse to come on you form the
world. Atleast for avoiding this "Eesal" or abuse, you will offer your darshan
to me.

aasaivazhuvaathu Eththum emakku ingu izhuk kaauththu
adiyaarkatku ..


The Lord said to him that, "oh reaaly? you may not worry about it. It is my
problem if they talk about me and I will take care of it. You better do your
business and do your job for what ever you have come here for.".


Aazwaar pursuades perumal to an extent untill he had to momentarily give up
with little contentment in him in his pursual and said "vaazhnthE pOm neerE" or
 "ah very well, you get on with what you are" indicating his desire to giveup.
this time it was beleived that parimala Ranaganaathar appeared to the aazhwaar
and blessed HIM. The following is the song that describes this episode.

aasai vazhuvaa thEththu
memakkiNG kizhuk kaayththu - adiyOrkku
thEsamaRiya umakkE
yaaLaayth thirikinROmukku
kaasinoLiyil thigazhum
vaNNam kaatteer emperumaan
vaasi valleer intha
Looreer "vaazhnthe pOm neerE"

Sri Parimala Ranga Naayaki Sri Parimala Ranga Nathan thriuvadikaLe saraNam

Sampath Rengarajan