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Thiru mangai aruLich cheyalum Baktha Vatsala Perumal Avaathaara seyalum

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 11:43:00 PST

In 4000, most of the songs are captured under a group of 11 songs named as
"pathigam" or "paththu " of which the 10 songs are on the Lord and his leelais
and the eleventh song is usually the "effects if recited". Azhwaars generally
dedicates the first line (if 4 line paasurams) of the 11th paasuram or the last
paasuram of the pathigam to the lord of the shekthram. The second line is on
the nature or title of the paththu and the third line is the composer's (ie
aazhwaar's personal assurance on behalf of the Lord) and the last line tells of
what "puNNiyam" or "palan" or reward one would attain if they recite these 11
songs. Thirumangai recited the paththu on "thiruk kaNNan gudi" perumal and in
his last song while he was giving his asurances that if one will recite those
pathigam of songs on this thriruk KaNNa mangai perumal, they are sure to
become the viNNavar (dEvaas) and will also enjoy the heavens. The aazhwaar
continued further to give an extradinary gesture by asking the Lord,
"besides, oh Lord the one who bears the counch in his hand , Kanna, if you
would really be interested , you may also would want to learn these songs".

"kaNNa mangaiyuL kaNdukoNdEn " enRu
kaathalaal  "kalikanRi "yurai seytha
vaNNa voNdami zhonbathO donRivaRivai
valla raayiraippar, mathiyam thavazh
viNNil viNNavaraay maghizh veythuvar
meymai sollil veN sanka monREnthiya
kaNNa, nin thanakkum kuRippaakil
kaRkalaam kaviyin poruLthaanE

What a wonder the extent of Bakthi of the aazwaar made him ask the lord in a
freindly manner to come and learn the 4000 from him and the Lord was overjoyed
by this gesture and was very keen in obliging aazwaar's request. It is
believed that the Lord accepted the gesture and took the incarnation as "Periya
vaachaan pillai" and the aazhwaar earlier took the incarnation as "nampillai"
who taught "Periya vaachaan pillai" as his mentor. This was derived from the
fact that "Periya vaachaan pillai" was born in the same "rohini" star in the
month of "aavani" as "Kannan" and nampillai was born in the same karthigai
month "karthigai" star  as thirumangai aazhwaar.

nampillai vaazhith thiru naamam says,

"kaathaludan nancheeyar kazhal thozhuvOm vaazhiyE
kaarthigaiyil kaarthigai yuthiththa "kalikanRi" vaazhiyE"

"kalikanRi" is usually referred to thirumangai aazhwaar.

What a wonder. The Lord accepts the true "prapannaas" desire and enacts it
atonce. It cannot be expressed by ordinary words as to how the Lord is eagerly
waiting to hear the desires of HIS bakthaas and will obey and fulfill the
wishes of his bakthaas. HE is bound by them, and in tamil I would say this
"kattuNdaan kaNNan adiyaarin manath thakathE"

Sri kaNNamangai Sri Bakthavatsala perumal thriuvadikalE saraNam

Sampath Rengarajan