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Celebration of Ramanuja Jayanthi

From: Vijay Srinivasan (Vijay_Srinivasan_at_PRAXAIR.COM)
Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 09:02:46 PST

Dear Members of Prapatti Group:

It is quite sometime since an idea was mooted that we could all get together in 
a sat-sang and nothing else would better fit that occassion than the 
celebration of Ramanuja Jayanthi.  Buffalo in my opinion is the best place to 
begin our satsang.  The spurt of spiritual activities in Buffalo in recent 
years and the beauty of Niagara Falls reminding us of yet another Vibhuthi of 
our Lord,  provides us a fertile soil and a spiritually healthy climate where 
Ramanuja's philosophy can take deep roots and flourish.  Ramanujacharya came as 
"Trijagat punya phalam" (if all the good deeds of the whole world should take a 
form and express itself it would be our Ramanujacharya's form) and his 
teachings should benefit the whole world.  "Ramanujaarya  Divyagnya Vardhatham 
Abhivardhatam, Dighanta Vyapini Bhuyat Sahi Loka Hithaishini".  Therefore, I am 
convinced that the spill-over effect of such a sat-sang would benefit the 
entire community at large.  

Ramanuja Jayanthi falls on the 26th of April this year.  This leaves us just 
enough time to organize the program.  I have approached a number of people here 
who are ready to host any number of visitors.  You  can plan a longer stay, 
come with your family (including parents and children) and bless us with your 
presence.  If you come with your passport, you can also take this opportunity 
to visit Toronto which is about an hour's drive.  

As a first step towards organizing this program, I would request you to send me 
a reply about the possibilty of your visit and the number of people who may 
accompany you.  Please also write your address and phone number.  If I find the 
response positive and encouraging, I will keep you informed of the progress and 
we can proceed with the next step.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan