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Re: Divya Desas

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 07:52:00 PST

On Feb 1,  9:14am, wrote:
> Subject: Divya Desas
> Thanks to Sri Sampath for some wonderful postings about Divya
> kshetrams etc in the recent past.  I would like to make one more
> request i.e. to tell us what these places are called today, in what
> district they are located and if there is a rail station nearby.
> I would at least like this info about Thirukannapuram, if it is not
> possible to do a write up about all places.
> Jaganath.
>-- End of excerpt from
 I was only presenting a sample of "some" aspects of thala puraaNams that I
know of. I suppose, the "final" version of 108 CD will have all the logistical
details in it. (I will ensure it from my proof reading). However, since Thiruk
KaNNa puram details are sought for, I will provide the details in a separate
mail soon. In a general note I would like to acknowledge that there is a lot of
enthusiasm for these sample postings as some of you have also sent personal
mails to me. I will try to pass on as much info as known to me, on the thala
puraaNams of these temples as as days go by.

Sampath Rengarajan

note: This is not a discussion on 108 CD project. But since this topic
is on these shekthrams a reference was made to the project as well.
Hence this post appears in the "prapatti" group instead of the other
group. Hope it is ok.