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comments and qns [again!]
Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 05:48:17 PST

        Thanks to the answers to my question and it turned out to
        simple after all.
        I've now the following perspective after reading the various
        mails in the mailing list. I saw that there are two ways to look
        at the problem:
        1. This is following the mails of Jaganath,Sampath Rengarajan,
        Muralidhar Rangaswamy  etc. Narayana does not need our service 
        or aradhanai,archana, yagna etc as HE is self sufficient and 
        complete in HIMSELF.
        Also the temples and other things are not of any consequence to HIM. 
        All these things are for only our purification and HE asks for 
        devotion etc only because it will purify us. Since HE is more 
        interested in taking us to Vaikuntam than ourselves HE allows to 
        happen whatever things that will makes us more surrendered to HIM
        irrespective of how it will look like to us in the short time
        point of view.

        2. This is following the mails of Mani, Krishan Praba etc which
        is more on the intellectual level [?].
        What Mani says is consistent with Bhagavad Gita. [ for eg:
        Qualities of 'Sthitha prajna' in Chapter 2, qualities of 
        the people who are dear to Krishna [Bhakthi yoga chapter],
        and the symptoms of a Brahma bhuta prasannatma in Chapter 18].
        But this leads to the question that whether devotees should
        not have any emotions or feelings even in dealings with other
        Vaishnavas and also with the LORD NARAYANA himself ? Are these
        emotions and feelings the products of three gunas and hence
        material only ? May be my question is very trivial and stupid.
        Anyway I think I'll  ask it since the answers to it 
        will definitely increase my understanding.