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From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Feb 28 1995 - 13:39:28 PST

This is another question regarding comparitive religion:

do you think other religions have such a rich "soul God" related
knowledge as found in the various forms of hinduism :

such as development through :  sankhya yoga, nyaya vaisheshika, and several
haituka schools, about 6 vedantic schools. Upanishads, Dharmasastras, ramayana
mahabharatha, alwars hymns, puranas, samhitas

Does christianity agree with karma theory? how do they reconcile with
the differences at birth.  what is their theeory on one life time or
several lives.

does christianity or any non hindu school explain the stages of 
self realization as explained in the Gita, Yoga of patanjali etc.?