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Krishna and Prophets

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Feb 27 1995 - 14:46:51 PST

what do you say about this mani,

kishore suggested that :

while being crucified, Jesus did say "Forgive them my Lord, for they know
not what they are doing". This means he did not feel that he was an
incarnation.  No where in the Gita did Krishna say pray to the lord and he will
protect you.  I can cite one place "tameva sharanam gaccha sarva bhavena
bharatha" - "which means surrender to him (ishwara) alone with total devotion,"
but this is clearly explicable since - He uses "third person" technique to
tell arjuna, since arjuna, being interested in yogic and other methods 
does not understand the greatness of Lord Krishna standing right in front of
him.  that's exactly why in the end Lord Krishna replaces the word "tam or him"
with maam in the "sarva dharmaan .... parityajya ..  maaam ekam" which
means "surrender to me alone ....".  

mani, cite me from bible indicating - "first person" references from 
jesus's words to devotees. then your point will be valid.  

Please explain, also the meaning behind taking all the crap from the 
romans and pontius pilat during and prior to crucifixion.  why did God himself
in the form of jesus had to go through this mal-treatment. why not do
dushta sikshana using divine powers right there?  I am not deriding
christianity in any way. But I am failing to see the "paratva" or "divinity"
in these acts as reported by movies and texts on christianity.

On the other hand Lord Krishna did show in vishwaroopa with detailed description
given in 11th chapter. Even the "end" of Krishnavathara resulted by
a "hunter" is described to be an event as a repayment to
vali-vadha - which somehow works out reasonably well with karma theory.

 Such paratva (like vishwaroopa) is definitely not present in
Sri Ramavatara - but you know that Sri Rama was bound to do that due to the
special vows offered to Ravana that he cannot be killed by non-humans.

while on that matter, mani, explain how christianity or judaism for that matter
account for "no - incarnation" or one life without using karma theory.

ie how do they reconcile to the fact that all souls do not start out equal
assuming one life theory...  

I should admit my questions are due to absolute ignorance of christianity.