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prophets and Krishna

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Feb 27 1995 - 11:50:09 PST

mani writes:

If we may compare a bit further, Krishna and Jesus occupy similar,
though not identical, positions, since Jesus is also fully God in
the incarnation, yet at the same time, he was a great teacher.


I was of the impression Jesus according to bible was not an incarnation
or God.  He did mention several times references to "Father in heaven"
He according to me, was termed in several places as - "son of God"

My only contention is that, irrespective of the similarity between
the teachings of gita and bible,  the character krishna is identified
with God.  and that rangacharya's sentence - pertaining to "knowledge of
God" of these preachers seems definitely mistable, even though his intention
may not be what I indicated in my last mail.

In many places in the torah - Moses is described to be an agent of God.
regarding Jesus, if mani feels that "Jesus is also fully God" - this could
be a perception by few of the christian churchs and not an indication in
the bible.  I need a clear citation from the bible against my views to
change it .  I am willing to learn.  I know very little of bible.