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Re: hindu philosophy of conduct: Prof M.Rangacharya

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Mon Feb 27 1995 - 11:31:01 PST

Krishna Kalale writes:
> Here Sri-Krishna is referred to as a seer and world-teacher and a seeker
> of God.  This aspect
> is totally unacceptable to Sri Ramanujacharya and to even the words of 
> Bhagawadgita itself!.  Ramajujacharya's 
> introduction to Gitabhasya identifies Sri Krishna with the absolute
> God undoubtedly.  
> Moreover, no where in the whole of bhagawadgita, Lord
> krishna has ever referred to himself as just a seer! 

I think you are misunderstanding the point Professor Rangacharya
makes.  He very clearly understands Krishna and the Supreme Brahman 
Vaasudeva to be one and the same -- but at the same time, Krishna
is like other religious leaders in that he is a guru. There is, of
course, that dhyaana-sloka wherein it is said "krishnam vande 
jagadgurum".  In this sense, Krishna is the parama-guru, a personality
who was truly a "seer", since the Lord is by definition a "jnaani".
I do not know about the "seeker" part; that word is not used in
your excerpt.  

If we may compare a bit further, Krishna and Jesus occupy similar,
though not identical, positions, since Jesus is also fully God in
the incarnation, yet at the same time, he was a great teacher.

The point is that these world-religions are definitely inspired 
works, inspired by their faith in God. Krishna had faith in himself,
the Para-Vaasudeva (the ultimate expression of self-esteem?), just 
as Jesus glorified his "father who is in heaven."