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sandhya vandanam mantras

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Feb 23 1995 - 12:34:21 PST

I am glad lakshmi narayan brought this issue of sandhya vandanam.
I am sure there are some books which explain in simple words the meaning
of those manthras.  In fact I have a few books on the meaning of sandhya
vandana mantras.

Unfortunately most of them are not in english.  One good excercise will be
to translate or atleast summarize the main meanings of those books in

I am sure the book suggested by Vishwanath should be a good simple to read
book( though I havent read it!)

For those deeply interested ones and those who know how to read kannada!
I can suggest a couple of books ( I will do it in my next mail)
since they are at home.

My grandfather has written a "Very deep" book : 1 on pranayama alone
and the other on sandhyavandana mantras. both of these are excellent but 
definitely   "sleeping tablets" for the not so interested!! If anyone
needs these books email me your surface mail address. I will be glad to
mail copies of these two books to you.

For those who are interested to learn the detailed methodology of 
sandhya vandana - "yajur sandhya" only. the book written by the 
45th Azagia singar - "Aanhika grantha" is EXCELLENT.  In fact it even 
discusses the controversy of two forms of gayathri manthra in great depth.
but the catch is it is in sanskrit and Tamil.  If anyone is interested in
this invaluable grantha, I will order copies of them and try to ship them
to US.  I have one copy with me.  To be honest with you, this book is a
wonderful authority on all the nithya karmas - including Bhagawad aradhana
krama, bramha yajna, aupasana, japa vidhi, different forms of japas 
specially prescribed for only women.  etc.  This book derives largely
from a grantha of Ramanuja - "Nithya Grantha" incidentally, I happened to
have some how gained one copy of nitya grantha with english annotation 
written by D.T. Tatacharya - a great scholar.

I seriously point out that sandhyavandana is not a "do it if you can"
type of karma. This is a must. To know more one should read books or preferably
resort to a guru and learn details from that person.

There are statements in dharma sasthras :

Sandhya viheeno ashuchihi ......  which means one becomes "polluted" 
religiously, if one does not do sandhyavandana daily.  One becomes
unqualified to do any religious karma if one does not do sandhya vandana.

so if one wants to erase bad karmas know what

One dharma sastra goes to the extent of saying " if one does not do 
bhagawad aradhana daily.......the person will  be born among
pigs!.......Serious... This is a direct translation of the verse from
dharma sastra..   If possible one should do atleast a 10 minute version
of bhagawad aradhana according to our scriptures. Believe me I have been
doing this aradhana for atleast 3-4 years on a 90% success rate and 
sandhyavandana on a close to 100% success for the past 23 years.... I gain
immense peace of mind and unbelievable spiritual experiences.  These daily
activities give a sort of a powerful insensitivity to troubles of life.
So finally I can say,  it gives immense pleasure.... 

So do sandhyavandana, Bhagawad Aradhana and have fun!!