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From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Thu Feb 23 1995 - 07:10:52 PST


In this continuing series of twelve posts, twelve of the
many guNaas that are innate to Brahman is discussed
with illustrations from aazhvaar paasurams.  These
twelve guNaas demonstrate God's eternal love for us
jeevaathmaas.  They are sowseelyam, vaathsalyam,
maardhavam, aarjavam, sowhaartham, saamyam,
kaaruNyam, maadhuryam, gaambeeryam, owdhaaryam,
chaathuryam, and sthairyam.  The subject of this post is

saamyam:  in our Lord's eyes all the devotees are equal

For our Lord all His devotees are equal.  This is not only
true in vaigundam, but here and now as well.  Whether it
is S.D. Sharma or just another clerk from TN electricity
board, inside the sanctum and in front of our Lord they
both get the same sataari, upon which resides our Lord's
paadhugai.  There is no special sataari for the president.
Likewise, Sri raaman accepts the offerings of sabari, a
hunter woman, with equal affection as that of
Barathwaajaa, one of the most revered rishees.

This saamyam is described by nammaazhvaar in the
following thiruvaay mozhi paasuram.

sumanthu maamalar neersudar dheepamkoNdu,
amarnthu vaanavar vaanavar kOnodum,
namanRe zumthiru vEngadam nangatku,
saman_koL veedu tharumthadaNG kunRamE.

          -- thiruvaaymozhi  3.3.7

"The celestial Gods and their king (indhiraathi
dhEvarkaL) attain mOksham upon approaching our Lord
of thiruvEngadam with lovely flowers, pure water, fire,
sweet incense and praying patiently.  Likewise, the Lord
of the great hills of thiruvEngadam will grant us the
same moksham, equal to the celestial Gods."

amarndhu       = without hurry, patiently
namanRu        = worship
ezhum          = attain mOksham
saman kOL veedu  =         all are made equal by our Lord in

nammaazhvaar further describes saamyam in thiruvaay
mozhi onbathaam patthu as follows.

"saraNam aakum thana thaaL adaindhaarkku ellaam" (9.10.5)

"anban aakum thana thaaL adaindhaarkku ellaam"   (9.10.6)

"meyyan aakum virumbith thozuvaarkku ellaam"  (9.10.7)

"aNiyan aakum thana thaaL adaindhaarkku ellaam"  (9.10.8)

To those surrendering in His lotus feet our Lord will
--   confer mOksham (saraNam)
--   be a dear one (anban)
--   give Himself (meyyan)
--   be a near and dear one (aNiyan)

All who surrender to Him will enjoy all of the above
equally (saamyam).  This is denoted by "adaindhaarkku
ellaam," and thozuvaarkku ellaam."

         .... to be continued

This and other posts to follow in this subject are based
on the aruL mozhigaL of the 45th azhagiya singar of sri
aHObila madam, sri vaN satakOpa sri naaraayaNa
yatheendhra mahaa dEsikan, published in sri nrusimhap
priyaa starting with bava varusham, chitthirai maasam,
(April 1994), and commentaries of aazhvaar
prabhandams published by The Visishtadvaita Pracharini
Sabha, 27, Venkatesa Agraharam, Mylapore, Madras,
600 004.