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i suugest 2 books.

From: Vish Vishwanath (
Date: Thu Feb 23 1995 - 06:35:16 PST

i suugest 2 books.

(1) "Om and Gayatri" - published by ramakrishna mutt. i got tthis in bangalore and am using it. i am 46
and started doing sandhyavandanam regularly only recently. 
(2) "Bala Bhagavatam" - published by Chinmaya Mission. the best story-level approach to srimad

both can be purchased at Ramakrisna Mutt book store or the Vedanta Book House in Bangalore. Also
available in most Ramakrishna Mission stores around India. Also available (i think() at the Arsha
Vidya Gurukulam bookstore in Saylorsburg, PA.



>>> Lakshmi Narayanan <> 02/23/95 09:08am >>>

	I am one of the newer members of this group and am getting enlightened
	by listening in on all the "glory of our LORD".

	I have an 8 yr-old son in whom I want to inculcate the good habit
	of Sandhyavandanam. Although I know some of the general advantages of 
	doing daily Sandhayavandanam like Siddhi, concentration etc., 
	I would like to know the meanings of those mantras. Especially, to be
	able to tell them to my son. He has started to get interested in Hindu 
	religion - Well, catch'em young is my motto also.

	Are there any books that explain in simple words the meanings of
	those Mantras?

	Also, are there any books on Bhagavatam (w/ more stress on stories than
	on Tatvam etc) - Again for my son to read and enjoy the Hindu Mythology.

	Thanks, and keep the "devine thoughts" flowing.

	Survey Jannah Sukhino Bhavantoo,
	Lakshmi Narayanan