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Sandhyaavandanam Mantras

From: Lakshmi Narayanan (
Date: Thu Feb 23 1995 - 06:08:54 PST

	I am one of the newer members of this group and am getting enlightened
	by listening in on all the "glory of our LORD".

	I have an 8 yr-old son in whom I want to inculcate the good habit
	of Sandhyavandanam. Although I know some of the general advantages of 
	doing daily Sandhayavandanam like Siddhi, concentration etc., 
	I would like to know the meanings of those mantras. Especially, to be
	able to tell them to my son. He has started to get interested in Hindu 
	religion - Well, catch'em young is my motto also.

	Are there any books that explain in simple words the meanings of
	those Mantras?

	Also, are there any books on Bhagavatam (w/ more stress on stories than
	on Tatvam etc) - Again for my son to read and enjoy the Hindu Mythology.

	Thanks, and keep the "devine thoughts" flowing.

	Survey Jannah Sukhino Bhavantoo,
	Lakshmi Narayanan