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From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Wed Feb 22 1995 - 17:16:06 PST


In this continuing series of twelve posts, twelve of the
many guNaas that are innate to Brahman is discussed
with illustrations from aazhvaar paasurams.  These
twelve guNaas demonstrate God's eternal love for us
jeevaathmaas.  They are sowseelyam, vaathsalyam,
maardhavam, aarjavam, sowhaartham, saamyam,
kaaruNyam, maadhuryam, gaambeeryam, owdhaaryam,
chaathuryam, and sthairyam.  The subject of this post is

sowhartham:    desiring only the best for all
               (anaivarukkum nanmai thara virumbugai)

In srimad bhagavath geethai our Lord hints at this
quality with "SuHrudham Sarvaboothaan^aam," (geethai
5.29).   Nammaazhvaar presents the same sentiment in
thiru vaaymozhi 1.5.3 with "ellaa evvuyirkkum
thaayOn" (mother for all and every life.)  With this
aazhvaar is actually pointing out His sowhartham to all
of us.  Given below is the entire paasuram.

maayO NnigaLaay nadaikaRRa
  vaanOr palarum munivarum
'neeyO NnigaLaip padai' enRu
  niRain^aan mukanaip padaiththavan
sEyO Nnellaa aRivukkum;
  thisaika Lellaam thiruvadiyaal
thaayOn ellaa evvuyirkkum
  thaayOn thaanO ruruvanE.

     --   thiruvaay mozhi 1.5.3

"O! Lord, you created the four headed brahma; you then
gave him the needed powers, and commanded him to create
the celestial Gods like indhiran, agni vaayoo, etc.,
the saptha rishis , nithya soorigaL, and all other creatures
of this universe; you are beyond the reach of intellect;
you spanned all the worlds with your divine feet
(vaamanaavadhaaram); you are the mother of all beings,
great and small; you are eternal.

maayOnigaLaay         = the exalted,
nadaikaRRa            = accomplished,
vaanOr palarum        = indhiran, etc., etc.
munivarum             = saptha rishis,
yOnigaL               = worldly beings
sEyOn ella aRivikkum  = transcends intellect
Or oruvan             = eternal (Lord)
thaayOn               = span
thaayOn               = mother

In this paasuram our Lord's sowseelyam (covered earlier)
is also apparent with "ellaa evvuyir."  The Lord does not
make any distinction among the creatures.  As the Mother
he wishes only the best for all creatures, great and small,
without distinction.

.... to be continued

This and other posts to follow in this subject are based
on the aruL mozhigaL of the 45th azhagiya singar of sri
aHObila madam, sri vaN satakOpa sri naaraayaNa
yatheendhra mahaa dEsikan, published in sri nrusimhap
priyaa starting with bava varusham, chitthirai maasam,
(April 1994), and commentaries of aazhvaar
prabhandams published by The Visishtadvaita Pracharini
Sabha, 27, Venkatesa Agraharam, Mylapore, Madras,
600 004.