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Date: Thu Feb 16 1995 - 17:51:44 PST

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From: (Krishna Kalale)
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Subject: other dieties: ref dileepan's article

On Thu, 16 Feb 95 15:32:24 EST you said:
>It is sort of strange that dileepan mentioned that:
> *On the contrary, I have heard in more than one upanyaasam
>*that Siva must be respected as one of the aachaaryaas of sri
>*vasihnava faith.
>I read in rahasyatrasaram by vedanta desika and also one sreevaishnava
>pundit's view, that sivan is left out of the acharya lineage of vaishnavas.
>I would like to know whose upanyaasam is dileepan referring to.

     There are three instances, two of them directly
     and the third indirectly.  The two direct ones
     are sri srivatsaangaachar's ongoing upanyaasams and
     Sridhar thaathaachar's upanyaasam on chatuslOgi in 1991
     summer when I was in India.  The third instance is
     during my parent's baranyaasam.  I was not present
     for the occassion, but my father described what
     took place.  I understand azhagiya singar described
     how to deal with saivites and what should be our
     view of sivan.  Having said this, I have also wondered
     why sivan is not included in our guru parambara.  Perhaps
     he should come right after Sri and before VisvaksEnar!

     There are some really interesting paasurams with
     respect to Sivan.  I have already shared one with
     this group.  There is one that refers to Arjunan
     using flowers from Lord Vishnu's feet for praying
     to Sivan in his pursuit to get paasupaasthram.  More
     on this later.