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Introducing myself..

Date: Thu Feb 16 1995 - 11:55:33 PST

Greetings to all on this mailing list ..

abhivAdaye vAsishta maitrAvaruNa kauNdinya traya RSHaya pravarAnvita:
kauNdinya gotra: Apasthambha sootra: yajushshAkAdhyAyi Sri Narasimha
Sharma- naama aham asmi bho:

=) Okay I won't translate that =)

I'm Sundar ( shortened right around KG times from Soundararaajan =) )
and I'm from Madras. 

My family (Veeravalli) is originally from Manaloor, near Kumbakonam,
but i must say it's been a while since any of us have been there..
The main connection we have with that past is the living heritage of
my great-grandfather ( pitAmaHa )'s translation into thamizh of the
Mahabhaaratha, which I believe is still a prose standard. He was
Mahomahopaadhyaaya Manaloor Veeravalli Ramaanujaachaaryar, and he is 
a source of inspiration to me.

On the "laukika" side, I finished my B.Tech in Metallurgy from IIT Madras
in '90, and I'm now in a PhD program in Materials Science at Penn State,
working with ferroelectrics and electronic materials.

I cannot honestly say I am a "serious student" of the Sri Sampradaaya, I 
have come to appreciate it rather mainly in the last few years.
I have wandered among various "exotic" paths, and the only thing it's
seemed to result in is make me more eager for my own. This is something
that I can relate too on a deep, and untranslateable level.

Currently, it is translations that hold my interest, and though I do
not have a formal education in either Samskrt or thamizh, I'm working
on a translation of the purusha sooktham from a Srivaishnava perspective
( to the best of my knowledge) and plan to attempt one of the sandhya
vandana mantras after this. 

In the meanwhile, it's my pleasure to join this group.. I hope for many
interesting discussions.

V   Sundar
345 Strouse Ave.,
State College, PA 16803
814 867 8749