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nrisimhapriya : US and English versions

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Feb 16 1995 - 09:24:32 PST

I understand that Parthasarathi Dileepan's posts are based on recent versions
of the Nrisimhapriya.  Is anyone getting Nrisimhapriya in US or did someone
bring few copies from India?

One question to ParthaSarathi Dileepan and others who may want to contribute.
I wanted a sort of grep on the whole of naalayiram to find the various ways
alwars have wrote about Other dieties.  What I am interested is to understand 
their treatment of other dieties.  There are extremist views as well as gentle
views regarding one's treatment of other dieties, according to various 
sreevaishnava acharyas.  Rahasyatraya sara gives certain view points regarding
this. None of the acharyas have shown any hatred towards other dieties 
eventhough in their zealous bhakti they may have reduced their reverence to
anyone other then their object of absolute devotion.  For that matter one
alwar says that " This mouth of mine, which has sung to Lord ranganatha will not
  sing about the God who is in the hills (like a monkey)ie. Venkatesha perumal.
excuse my translation of a tamil verse. I may be totally wrong.  I need help
from other tamil scholars in this regard.  I remember one post from dileepan
which is probably from nammalwar - which gives comparison between siva and
narayana - regarding their vahanas and that one is the in-dwelling principle
in the other.  On the other hand alwars like Kulasekhara, in mukunda mala 
stotram feels that all other dieties are worthless compared to his favorite
lord Krishna. I am very seriously interested to know the original verses 
as well as the translations of them regarding alwars views on other dieties

This may take some time or if someone can grep with proper names of other
dieties one may find the related verses quickly. I am sure the tamil
divya prabandham project folks will know some way of doing it or compiling it
this would be a great study as well and more than anything I need to understand
this real bad.  I have tons of vedic, upanishadic and puranic evidences with
me.  In fact filloziat in his "varadaraja panchasat" - ananthacharya indological
society publication, has given a few pages of information. In addition
rahasya trayasaram also cites several verses both from sanskrit works as well
as naalayiram works.  I will make you a deal.  I will write about all the
verses listed in rahasyatrayasara.. from naalayira divya prabanda regarding
this issue... let some one else write from the grep of naalayira divya 
prabanda to get a rigorous list of such citations.

thanking you all ( in the hope that you will write about this!)