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From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 15:43:07 PST

namo narayana

dear bhaagavatas,
please pardon me for not posting yesterday. lets continue with mira's heart 
felt cries to hari...

"Keep up your promise!"

Take my arm
and keep up your promise!
They call you the refugeless refuge,
they call you redeemer of outcasts.
Caught in a riptide
in the sea of becoming,
without your support I'm a shipwreck!
You reveal yourself age after age
and free the beggar
from her affliction.

Dark One, Mira is clutching your feet,
at stake is your honor!

"Turn back? Because the wretched stare and see nothing?"

This infamy, O my Prince,
is delicious!
Some revile me,
others applaud,
I simply follow my incomprehensible road.
A razor-thin path
but you meet some good people,
a terrible path but you hear a true word.

Turn back?
Because the wretched stare and see nothing?
O Mira's lord is noble and dark,
and slanderers
rake only themselves
over the coals.

lottsa krishna premai
namo venkateshaya
andal thiruvadigale sharanam

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