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New Screensaver

From: TCA Venkatesan (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 12:43:59 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Dear BhAgavatas,

AdiyEn has created a new screensaver called
Thiruvngadamudaiyan for Windows based PCs. It
is made of images of Lord Srinivasa and Thayar,
some Azhvars pAsurams, some slOkas etc. You can
download the file for install from

You can also check the following link for some
more PC based Srivaishnava downloads

Please feel free to send me your comments if you
download and use the screensaver.

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan
TCA Venkatesan

TCA Venkatesan:
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