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SrI Kozhiyalam swamy 120th Thirunakshathram celebrations-appeal by Sri ANC Swamy

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 06:51:38 PST

SrImathE Ramanujaya namah:

Dear Srivaishnavas,

Please accept my hearty greetings. I seek your kind permission to inform 
your goodselves that the Srivaishnava VisishtAdvaitha philosophy which has 
no beginning and which alone provides correct and really convincing 
interpretations to Vedic scriptures including the Upanishads was 
systematized and codified by Bhagavath Ramanuja who lived ib the 11th and 
12th century CE by his monumental works Sri Bhashya, Sri vedaartha Sangraha, 
etc.. This philosophy was further strengthened by his disciples and 
followers over the next few centuries, more so by the outstanding works of 
Sri Vedantha Desika, the poet philosopher and logician who lived in the 13th 
and 14th century CE.

Hundreds of scholars have appeared in this world and rendered yeoman service 
by propagating the above philosophy by teaching the above works to their 
ardent disciples and by their scholarly works also.

One such scholar and vidwAn who appeared in this world was His Holiness Shri 
Rangaramanuja mahadesikan popularly known as Kozhilayam Swamy who lived from 
1882 to 1961. He was the most famous ascetic because of his deep erudition, 
very rigorous and disciplined daily routine, detachment from all the worldly 
desires and deep devotion towards Sriman Narayanan. He had authored many 
independent and thought provoking works in Sanskrit and also in Tamil in 
lucid style.

Prominent among his innumerable sishyas (disciples) were Late Shri M 
Ananthasyanam Ayyangar, Former speaker of Loksabha and Governer of Bihar, 
and Late Shri U Ve Abhinava dESika Sri UttamUr Swamy a Sanskrit scholar and 
Acahrya of par excellence (about whom we just had learnt of his great life 
history few weeks ago) . Sri UttamUr Swamy was the very first recipient of 
certificate of honour from the President of India and he had to his credit 
more than 200 works including world renowned commentary of Nyaya 
kusumaanjali of Uddayanacharya, a very famous logician of North India who 
lived in 10 the century CE.

So from all the above account, Late His Holiness Shri Rangaramanuja 
Mahadesikan shone as one of the greatest Acharyas of Shri Vaishnava 
sampradaya and VisishtAdvaitha philosophy.

In the fitness of things it is proposed to celebrate His Holiness Shri 
Kozhiyalam Swamy’s 121st Thirunakshathram (Birthday) traditionally in a 
mannet befitting to His greatness in mArch / April 2002 in Srirangam (the 
bhUlOka vaikuNtam) and in fact the place where he took sanyaasa Ashramam. 
The 121st TN falls on 2, April 2002. The celebrations are planned for 5 days 
commencing on 29th March 2002.

1.	Veda Parayanamas by Vedic scholars (Rk, both Yajur and saama)
2.	Recitation of 4000 by scholars
3.	Parayanams of Sri Bhasyam, Shri Githa Bhashyam, Srimad Rahasyathraya 
saram, Shri Bhagavath Vishayam by vidwAns
4.	Shri Bhashya vidwath sadhas in which about 50 vidwAns are expected to 
participate, discuss the various topics in Shri Bhashya and allied 
scriptures like SatadUshani etc..
5.	Discourses by outstanding scholars
6.	Publication of souvenir containing informative and excellent articles on 

I make a sincere appeal to all AsthikAs to kindly come forward spontaneously 
without any hesitation to make liberal donations to the above cause and make 
the celebration a grand success and receive the blessings of the Great 
Acharya. The target amount is Rs 100,000.

Donations may kindly be sent in the form of cheque or DD’s drawn in favour 
of “Madhurantakam Swamy Centenary Celebration Trust, Srirangam which enjoys 
IT exemption under 80-G of the Act. Please send to my address given below:

Acharyan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Thanking you and will all regards

Yours sincerely,

Signed by
Anantha Narasimhacharya
Organizing Secreatry and Treasurer,
121st Birthday Celebrations,
160, South Chithra Street,
Tiruchi – 620006
Phone: 91-431- 431728
Please contribute your mite. Please send directly. For those in South East 
Aisa, may send to me within two wekss, as I plan to visit Srirangam for 
asmadhAchAryan's 20th year of AchArya peetam celebration. asmadhAchAryan His 
Holiness Sri Gopaladesika Mahadesikan- Srimad PaRavaakkOttai Andavan Swamy  
completes 20 years as AchAryasaarvabhouman and adiyen's Bhagyam to attend 
the the function (March 4-8) celebrating 20 years of the reign.
Narayana Narayana
NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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