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krishna admits defeat

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 03:18:00 PST

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Yesterday I was surfing the T.V for the serial "Srikrishna" produced by Sri
Ramanand sagar. Though it is re-telecast, I was viewing the same seriously
as though watching for first time. Yesterday's episode I presume is a
prelude to Raasa leela.  The high light of it is- the lord Sri krishna
admits to raadhaa "yes dear I am defeated".

How the episode ran is like this.

Radha dresses like krishna and srikrishna comes in the dress of raadhaa.
Then each look at the other to check whether it suits. 

Now the dialogue starts. [please understand raadha means krishna and vice
Raadha: hey dear how I look?
Krishna: dear you look great with all that feminize of raadha ---
Raadha: but your incomplete sentence tells me something more
Krishna: yes, you are like raadha but that glow of love of raadha to her
lord is missing in your eyes. Your eyes are more bland.
 Radha is foxed by this and unable to answer this.

Meanwhile the scene changes to Sri vaikuntam where naaraayanan asks lakshmi
have you heard what krishna [raadha in krishna's garb] said.

This dialogue between raadhaa and krishna plus naarayanan and lakshmi are
keenly watched by sivan, naaradhan, and rishi ganaas from their places.

Lakshmi to her lord- Yes my swamy- you are not able to express the love of
Lord: hey, love! What is love? - it is all play of my maaya which you call
as love and wants an expression for that. How one can do it?

Then goes a long dialogue between lakshmi and naarayanan saying like the
swapnam is sathyam and the experience of swapnam etc love of raadha is also
true etc giving full justification, arguments and counter arguments. But
that is all gone in the mind of MGV for he was completely foxed by the
following sentence-

Lord to his consort lakshmi - which also means krishna to raadha [not the
exchanged ones but real krishna and raadhaa] 
	dear, yes I am defeated, I am unable to express the love which you
show in your eyes, 
	I am unable to even imitate that love which you show in your eyes.

Krishna's easy surrender to raadhaa accepting his defeat- for the lord who
has done such marvelous feats like sakatasura vadham, govardhana giri,
kaliya mardhanam etc is in a simple affair - unable to show that love.

oh krishna - what is this gunam of you to name it if it can be named so.
Before that pure love of your bhakthaas you are not able to just imitate,
not to show that love, not necessary even to respond by giving that love -
you admit your defeat.

Dear bhakthaas - live that moment of krishna and raadhaa arguing in front of
you and krishna accepting the defeat. 

Then raadha asks a reward from the defeated- dear please play your flute. 

Krishna says it will invite trouble. 

After persuasion by raadhaa he starts playing the flute. Now a group of
gopees reach krishna and raadha again with the same or more love in their

Raadhaa gets annoyed. Krishna asks her to have a good look at them- raadhaa
sees raadhaa in all gopees- she sees herself in all gopees.

Oh what a scene - bhakthaas in their deep bhakti becomes one - no second
except the lord- there is no distinction between bhakthas one is more close
and another is not so much. a simple fact expressed so beautifully.

Dear bhakthaas- now my question is - whether this has a bearing in srimadh
bhagavatham or any of the puraanams etc or poorva aachaaryals vyaakhyaanams
or is it according to srivaishnava sidhdhaantham. 

Or is it that the producer has overdone scene this to create the dramatic

Even to admit the second half of my question, then also my krishnaa's
admission of his defeat in front of his bhakthaas has simply carried me
somewhere beyond description. Please live that moment again and again and
then describe your feelings. 


Vasudevan  m.g.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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