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Re: Query

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Feb 24 2002 - 19:36:10 PST

Dear Smt. Shoba:

There are no special thithis 
to celebrate the Moksham of 
Either JatAyu or Sabari.

The KshEthram famous for JatAyu Moksham 
is Thirupputtkuzhi near Kaanchi,
where there is JatAyu PushkaraNi.
The PerumAL's name is Sri Vijayaraaghavan.
Swamy Desikan's ParamArTa Sthuthi on this 
PerumAL has many references to JatAyu  Moksham.
Aadi amaavAsyai is an imprtant day of celebration 
here.I am not sure whether it has some thing to do
with JatAyu Moksham.

The Pampa river in KeraLA is still flowing ;
on the banks of Pampaa river was the abode of  
Sabari MaathA , who became the object of grace of 
Lord Raamachandra. During December, it becomes
a holy river for pilgrims to dip into before 
their ascent to a temple on the Sabari hills there .

Best wishes,

At 06:23 AM 2/24/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Respected Members of the Group,
>Namo Narayanaya,
> I shall be very thankful if my following doubt is
>clarified by the learned members of the group:
>    Just as we have the Ekadasi marking the advent of
>Bhishma Pithamahaa to the abode of Lord,do we have
>tithis marked for the ocassions when Sabari and
>Jataayu were accorded moksha by Lord Rama?
> I regret lack of knowledge in this respect and I hope
>that my question has some relevance.
> With pranamams to the Group,
>                               B.Sobha
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