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emperumAn's tirumeni - Green color.

From: Narasimhan Krishnamachari (
Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 21:07:06 PST

I sincerely appreciate the additional comments from SrImAn Sadagopan on
the nAma anirdeSya-vapuh, and the reference to acyuta Satakam and to
pAdukA sahasram.  In particular, the reference to the Slokam in acyuta
Satakam deals with the green color for the tirumeni of bhagavAn, which
has been the subject of discussion recently in the list.  The original
question posed on my posting related to the significance of bhagavAn's
green color. SrI rAmadeSikAchAriar in his vyAkhyAnam for this Slokam
refers to two special points of significance about this greeen color of
perumAL.  One is the pleasing nature of this color as we notice when we
see a nice green tree.  The second is the "paccilai maram" or the green
medicinal tree aspect referred to in this Slokam.  He is the One who
cures all the diseases, especially the worst of all diseases, that of
samsAra, which only He can cure.  So He is like the "pqaccilai" or the
green herbal cure.  Signifcantly, He resides in the aushadha acala or
the "Herbal Mountain" like a tamAla (green-leafed tree).  Those are at
least two aspects of His paccai meni.

Again, my sincere praNAmam-s to SrImAn Sadagopan for enriching the
write-up on anirdeSya-vapuh with his additional quotes from SrI pAdukA
sahasram and from acyuta Satakam.

-dAsan kRshNamAcAryan

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