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RE: Feb 10: HH Srimath Andavan's upanyasam on Chatusloki

From: Krishna Kashyap (
Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 17:12:32 PST

Dear friends,

Due to our karmas most of us ( particularly me) get drowned in the daily
sapless ups and downs of this samsara.  It is rare that a soul gets to hear
details of analysis of Sri Vedanta Desikar's bhasyam of chatussloki.  There
are some intricate details of Lakshmi tatva that are clearly explained by
Sri Vedanta Desikar in his masterpiece, chatussloki bhasyam. HH Andavan's
excellent explanation of this subject is something one should not miss. I
thought of sharing my thoughts so that interested people make it a point to
listen to this series of lectures.The purva pakshams or primafacie views on
Lakshmitatvam are varied. Sri Desikar takes all such purvapakshams and
answers them in his inimitable style. To me HH Andavan's the detailed
explanation in tamil was very useful to follow the logic.  Some intricate
details may be difficult to understand for people who may not be familiar
with the style of Sri Vedanta Desikar. However, if one records the lectures,
listens to it again and again with some study of the text of Sri Vedanta
Desikar's bhasyam, things will become clear. One should always be open to
learning under several acharyas to understand the different aspects of this
great sampradayam irrespective of who their acharyas are!.  Shastras say
bahubyah shrotavyam, bahubhih shrotavyam - which means - learn under many
acharyas and learn among many students.

There used to be a time when I was often grief-stricken, thinking about my
plight, so far away from elders and acharyas of our siddhantam.  Now I am so
delighted that these messages of our acharyas come to us through telephone
wires, every weekend. I seriously like to invite everyone to participate in
these lectures often and support these activities to such an extent that
soon we may be able to video-broadcast or have live internet broadcasts of
our acharyas' divya upadeshams. In fact, I was told that thousands of
devotees support make video broadcasts of Ma Amritanandamayi's lectures. If
our folks unite together and work hard we can do it too.

Incidentally, sunday at 5:30pm pacific time Dr. AnanthaRangachar is going to
explain Sharanagathi gadhyam bhasyams of Sri Vedantadesikar, Sri
Periavacchanpillai and Sri Sudarshanasuri in English.  Everyone is welcome.
the phone number and codes are : 512-225-3000 and code 903326#.

adiyen Krishna Kashyap

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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