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Re: On Sri Rangam [Forwarded message from Sri Gururaj]

From: swamy swarna (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 06:37:46 PST

Hari bhaktulaku namskaram. (My namaskarams to Hari
Bhaktas!). I was reading Miraji's bhajans, songs,
poems, call them what you want, their english meaning
so kindly provided by Smt.Kalaivani, just a few
minutes before and now this wonderful Saranagati of
Sri Vipranarayana (forgive me for still being unable
to spell the tamil title). Our path is so clear and
beautifully illuminated by such great devotees. What
more can we ask for?

We think of right, wrong etc. due to our ego. So we
feel elated when we do something right and feel
depressed and guilty when we do something wrong, even
if no one else knows our deeds. When our antaryami,
the indweller has woken up and we feel His presence,
we know and torture ourselves with guilt feelings at
our faults. Our conscience is His way of telling us
that He is aware of what is going on. This is prabably
the significance in our singing 'Suprabhatam' daily to
the Lord, a prayer to Him, who is sleeping in our
heart, to wake up! Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

The path of spirituality is slippery and many times we
fall. He has advised us to take in our hands, the
staff (Danda) of Bhakti to His Lotus Feet and walk.
And if and when we do fall, He is there always by our
side, to lift us up, to caress and clean our bruises,
to wipe our tears and to give us encouragement to walk

He gave Sri Bhishma, who was lying on his bed of
arrows moisture in the mouth and energy so that Sri
Bhishma can describe the ultimate dharma and the
divine glory of the Lord's thousand names. So when our
Samkalpam is to reach Him, He helps us. And at the
appropriate time, our ego dissolves into Him.

Thank you for the excellent article on
Thondar-adi-podi Azwar. (I hope I got it right).

Humbly yours in Bhagawat Seva,


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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