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On Sri Rangam [Forwarded message from Sri Gururaj]

From: Lakshmikumar (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 11:46:31 PST

SrImatE rAmAnujAya nama:

namO nArAyaNa!

Attached is the message from SrI Ranga Dasa SrI

rAmAnuja dAsan,

Dear Sri Lakshmi Kumar/Sri Swamy Swarna
I was reading with interest your writingsabout Sri
Vipra Narayana and 
how great a devotee he was of Sri Ranganatha of Sri

I went thru the link given by you to know more about
Sri Thondar-adi-
podi Azhwar.I have picked the following Verses which I
LIKED the most 
and I am reproducing as below:

QUOTE: <Before concluding Just one look at one of his
and let us getblessed by Him.
"OorilEn kANiyillai; uRavu maRRu oruvar illai;/pAril
nin pAtha moolam 
paRRilEn parama moorthee;/kAroLi vaNNanE (en) kaNNanE!

kadharuginREn;/AruLar kaLaikaN ammA! arngamA
Meaning: I have no place; no properties; no relatves;
none other than 
you;I know only your Lotus feet; O Lord of Blue hued
sky colour! You 
only aremy refuge. Can you not hear my cries? Is there
any one else 
to save meexcept you?"> UNQUOTE 

When I was studying in REC Trichy, I hadthe frequent
opportunity of 
visiting Sri Rangam.I used to visit this place almost
every week, and 
I had developed  devotion to Sri Ranganatha.I can
recollect the 
peacefull and Serene environment the temple has, when
you stand in 
front of Sri Ranganatha you will forget the outside

Incidentally the  Saint Shri Vadiraja ( Of
MadwaParampara) has 
indicated in his work called THIRTHA PRABANDHA,and
described Sri 
Rangam as most -to be visited- placefor Vaishnavas,
along with other 
Vaishnava placeslike Badri, Jagannathapuri, Dwaraka

Sri Ranga Dasa
NS Gururaj

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