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pEriAndavan Life History - Part II & pEriAndavan Thirunakshatram Celebrations in New Jersey on 02/24/2002 - DETAILS INSIDE !!

From: venkat sreenivasan (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 11:47:33 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

This is the Continuation of Posting on Life History of
Srimath pEriAndavan. This is the second Volume in the
series. Before adiyEn continues with swAmi's life
history, adiyEn would like to announce the following:

Sri. Ramanuja Mission is delighted to announce that
pAdukA ArAdhanA and Srimath pEriAndavan's
thirunakshatram will be celebrated  on Sunday,Feb. 24,
2002 at Sri. Raman Kannan's gruham between 09:30 AM
and 12:30 PM at the following address:

Sri. Raman Kannan
22 Maria Ct
NJ 07733
Ph: 732-787-0779

For directions and other details, pls. visit the web
site @ All the
bhagavathas are requested to attend this special event
as this coincides with srimath pEriAndavan's
thirunakshtram. It should be noted that Srimath
pEriAndavan was the foremost among the illustrous
AchAryAs of  both Srirangam Srimath Andavan
pEriAsramam and Srimath Poundarikapuram Andavan
Asramam paramaparA.
Continuation of Srimath pEriAndavan's Life History ...

Saranagathi and Grantha Kalakshepam

Sri Krishnamachariar was extremely pleased with his
son’s progress and took the young boy back to Kanchi
after taking leave from Navalpakkam Swami. There,
SrinivasaRaghavan learnt  NyAya – MeemAmsa- VyAkarana
SAstras under the tutelage of great scholars.
Thereafter he went to Srirangam to see Srirangam Swami
( Srimath Vazhutoor Andavan) and prayed for getting
upAyAnushtAnam(Saranagathi). Srimath Andavan  was
surprised to see the desire SrinivasaRaghavan had at
such an young age of 14 and immediately performed Atma
samarpanam ( saranagathi) to him in front of Lord Sri
Ranganatha’s sannidhi.

The young man went back to Kanchi to serve his parents
and also learnt  more on SAstras   under the guidance
of erudite scholars. The burning desire he had within
himself to acquire more and more knowledge on
AdhyAthmika made him to go back to Srirangam. He went
to Srirangam Swami and  prayed to him that Swami 
perform kAlakshEpams to him on sampradayic granthams.
Due to old age and fragile health, Swami felt very bad
that he would not be able to fulfill his desire but
decided to assign this holy task to His dear disciple,
Thirutthuraipoondi Andavan.

As Viswamitra maharishi was to Lord SriRama and
Santheepini was to Lord SriKrishna, Thirutthuraipoondi
Andavan felt that he probably would not be able to
fulfill this task and expressed his fear to his
Acharya, Srirangam Swami. Swami promised his disciple
that he would personally help him in fulfilling the
objective and cleared His doubt and blessed  that the
young man would become the jagadAchArya. 

Thirutthuraipoondi Andavan took AgnYa from Swami in
carrying out this holy task and performed kAlakshEpams
to Srinivasaraghavan  on Grantha chatushtayam,
Rahasyams and RahasyArthAs. 

SrinivasaRaghavan gained exemplary knowledge in all
that learnt from his AchArya. After some time, with
the blessings of his AcharyAs, he went back to Kanchi
to serve his parents and lived like a parama
EkAnthi,carrying out his day to day activities as per 
sAstraic traditions. He started to feel that he should
take up sanyAsAsrama and prayed to Srimath
Thirutthuraipoondi Andavan for the same. As his near
and dear objected to this, Srimath Andavan also felt
that SrinivasaRaghavan be a Grahasta for some more
time before taking up sanyAs and blessed him to go
back to Kanchi..

(To be Continued ....)

vEnkatanAthan SreenivAsan
Srimath Andavan Thiruvadi

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