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[Admin]:Recent controversies

From: arun_kumar_sridharan (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 11:52:27 PST

Dear Members, 

                 First, I would like to bring the discussion 
of "Radha,Hari,Green" and the ensuing related discussions to a close.
All the participants: Kalaivani, Malolan, NS Gururaj,Swamy Swarna,P 
Srinivasan, Srikant Sadagopan, etc have made their points.  Sri Malolan 
Cadambi has attempted to present the traditional Sri Vaishnava philosophical 
position based on his understanding.  Although his choice of words 
and tone have been seemingly strident at times, there is no doubt 
that he is attempting clarify the Vishitadvaitic philosophical 
position and separating that from the anubhavam of great 
bhAgavathAs.  This is indeed welcome on this list.  

       Further, during the course of the discussion over the past few 
weeks, he has pointed out a few philosophical differences in the 
Gaudiya & Sri Vaishnava traditions.  At times, he has written 
what "comes across" as a personal criticism of Swami Prabhupada.  I 
cannot presume to know Sri Malolan's mind, but there is no place on 
this list for discourse that even remotely smacks of a personal 
criticism of great Bhagavatas like Swami Prabhupada.  It is fine to 
present the philosophical differences but it must be done in a 
extremely polite manner, without the slightest hint of condescension.

       When members like Sri Malolan Cadambi do present the Sri 
Vaishnava philosophical position, it is also unfair of other members 
to criticize them with the goal of muting them. It is in this 
respect, that I regret forwarding to the list mails with implicit 
criticism of Malolan.  Malolan's philosophical postings deserve a 
philosophical response based on the root Vedic texts.  

       We must acknoledge that there are some philosophical 
differences between the various Vaishnava schools, and that sweeping 
them under the rug ultimately does injustice to the great AacharyAs 
that advocated the different philosophical points of view.  

       At the same time, there is much in common that we all share, 
and we must focus primarily on that.  As VaishnavAs, we must keep in 
mind that the very purpose of our existence is to be constantly 
engaged in loving communion with the divine couple, Sriman Narayana.  
Bhagavad Anubhavam and shastra jnAna can go hand in hand, with each 
inspiring the spiritual aspirant to delve more deeply into the 
other.  All discussion on this list should thus be oriented towards 
realizing this end in the present context.  

       Over the course of the next couple of days, Sri Mani 
Varadarajan will announce a set of revised guidelines that will 
hopefully result in a more focused and reinvigorated forum.

AdiyEn SrInivAsa Daasan,

Arun Kumar Sridharan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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