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11 Garuda Sevai at Thiru Nangur

From: D Bala Sundaram (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 09:39:14 PST

Sri Satagopan Swami referred to this utsavam as 12 garuda sevai. Is that because the Garuda Sevai at ThiruNagari is also included in it? The Emperumanar of ThiruNagari does not come to Nangur for the utsavam.

All Sri Vaishnavas should thank the Committee which organises this festival  entirely by its own efforts. This year's festival was 108th festival and the bagavathas who assembled were in huge numbers. The number of vehicles must have exceeded 500. There was a terrific traffic jam at 2 AM at the conclusion of the purapadu. Each year the number of bhagavathas seems to increase.

I hope an effort will be organised  to improve the facilities to the bhagavathas whose number is bound to grow as the fame of this festival grows.



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