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Re: Digest Number 538

From: Srikant Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 14:31:29 PST

Dear Gururaj, Swami Swarna and all other Vishnu bhakthas,
It is very true that in every religion, in every sub-sect, people who delve 
deep into its philosophical, theological and scriptural aspects tend to 
think that their's is the best!
And noticeably, the leaning towards such fanatism has been strong among the 
Madhwas, the Lingayaths/Shaivas, Sri Vaishnavas, Gaudiya-Vaishnavas et al in 
the Hindu-domain.
It is unfortunate that some youngsters have started to echo(or copy and 
paste loose-translations/unstamped versions, or some convenient lines off 
the scriptures) to what looks like an immature attempt to intimidate Vishnu 
bhakthas, mislead into believing that they have been deputed to defend Sri 
Vaishnavam and demolish other Vedantic belief systems or even merely to 
speak on behalf of the **moderators**. Totally unsolicited behavior, one 
must say.
All we do here in the Bhakthi list is enjoy the Lord's KalyAnagunas and help 
ourselves fall back into thinking of Him. If we are to involve in a Sadhas, 
as advised by all the informed and sensible bhakthas before, one should go 
back to serving their Acharyas and learn as kalakshepams until the Acharya 
authorises the disciple to preach or defend the Dharma, further on.

Please do not be intimidated by such juvenile surges urging you to enter the 
war of words(they're are certainly not inviting you to a Sadhas!)
I pray that you all continue enjoying the nectarous information shared on 
this forum.

PS: The most appealing concept in SriVaishnavam is Bhakthi and Prappathi 
with the Acharya being the "key" holder to help release your soul from 
Karmic bondage, with purportment from the the Vedas and the 4000 tamil 
verses, and as interpreted by BhagavadhRamanuja and Gurus in his lineage.

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   Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 22:50:43 -0800 (PST)
   From: gururaj rao <>
Subject: Re:Radha&Rukmini

Ramaya Rama Bhadraya Ramachandraya Vedase
Raghunathaya Nathaya Seetaya Pataye Namah

Manmano Bhista Vardam, Sarvabhista PhalaPradam
Purundara Gurum Vande, Dasa Shrestam Dayanidhim

Dear Vishnu Bhakthas
A lot has been written in these
columns regarding beauty, Radha,
Rukmini and et’al.

My Pranams to the Sri Krishna Bhakthi in
Sow.Kalaiveni who triggered this beautifull

Have you heard of somebody more beautifull than Radha,
and Rukmini.

NS Gururaj

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