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At 10:50 PM 2/16/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Ramaya Rama Bhadraya Ramachandraya Vedase
>Raghunathaya Nathaya Seetaya Pataye Namah
>Manmano Bhista Vardam, Sarvabhista PhalaPradam
>Purundara Gurum Vande, Dasa Shrestam Dayanidhim
>Dear Vishnu Bhakthas

>A lot has been written in these
>columns regarding beauty, Radha,
>Rukmini and et'al. 
Dear SrI Gururaj Rao :

Thanks for your nice postings . I would like to point out
a correction to your narration on amrutha MaTanam .
It was Lord Dhanvanthri,who arose out of the Milky Ocean 
with amrutha Kalasam .

Mohini avathAram was later. She used Her charm to
cheat the asurAs out of their share of amrutham
and gave it away exclusively to the dEvAs. 

Here is the sequence of the events as told 
by Srimath BHaagavatham: 

When the Lord single handedly churned the milky ocean ,
MahA Lakshmi arose . In a svayamvaram , She chose 
SrIman NaarAyaNan as Her consort.

Next arrived VaaruNi Devi , who is synonymous with 
intoxication and Taamasa GuNam and the aurAs accepted her .
AsurAs did not become the object of the mercy of 
MahA Lakshmi.

After VaaruNI dEvi, Dhanvanthri BhagavAn arose out of 
the milky ocean carrying the Amrutha Kalasam :


amrutha poorNa kalsam Bhibhrath valaya bhUshitha: 


Srimath BhAgavatham : 8.8.31, 34, 35 excerpts

(meaning): Out of the milky ocean arose a MahA Purushan
of exquisite beauty and divinity. He held in His hand 
the PoorNa Kalasam containing amrutham. He had a KankaNam
on His wrist and was adorning exquisite aabharaNams . 
He is an amsam of SrIman NaarAyaNan and incarnated as 
Dhanvanthri .He is the author of Aayur Vedam and 
shares Havis in Yaagams with DevAs. 

The awe struck and greedy asurAs snatched the amrutha 
kalasam from the hands of Dhanvanthri,who let that
happen and disappeared form their middle.DevAs prayed
to the Lord for help , since they could not overcome 
the asurAs in the ensuing fight. SrIman NaarAyaNan
promised to help the DevAs.

Immediately , Bhagavan took on the form of a most beautiful
girl and appeared before the asurAs and the dEvAs. The AsurAs 
immediately forgot all about the amrutha kalasam and began
to run after this Mohini . Bhagavatham salutes the Mohini
avathAram of the Lord as " sarvAvaya Sundarai". AsurAs
asked the bewitching Mohini as to who She is and being 
intoxicated with Her beauty asked Her with great trust 
to distribute the amrutham that they had snatched form 
Dhanvanthri's hands in a fair manner betwene the dEvAs 
and the asurAs. Mohini warned the asurAs not to trust Her 
and the asurAs overcome by the blinding beauty of Mohini
handed over the amrutha kalasam to Mohini . The Lord taking
the Mohini Roopam decided not to give the asurAs the nectar 
since they did not have devotion to Him from birth and did not
want them to live forever as Youth and free from death. 
The asurAs did not perfom SaraNAgathi to the Lord unlike 
the dEvAs and the Lord decided to prevent them from 
getting any share of the life giving nectar. Out of 
their attraction for the beauty of Mohini , the asurAs 
did not question Mohini and soon there was no more
nectar left in the Kalasam for them. BhagavAn took 
on His own Roopam now .The asuraas recognized that
they have been cheated and began to quarrel with
the dEvAs. The Lord appeared on the back of Garudan
and routed the army of asurAs and protected the dEvAs,
His devotees. 

Thus , we have to attribute the bringing of 
amrutha Kalasam from the miky ocean by Dhanvanthri 
and the subsequent distribution of the amrutham from that 
Kalasam to the Lord appearing as Mohini . 

Amrutha MaTana-VaibhavAya SrIman NaarAyaNAya Nama: 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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