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From: gururaj rao (
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 22:50:43 PST

Ramaya Rama Bhadraya Ramachandraya Vedase
Raghunathaya Nathaya Seetaya Pataye Namah

Manmano Bhista Vardam, Sarvabhista PhalaPradam
Purundara Gurum Vande, Dasa Shrestam Dayanidhim

Dear Vishnu Bhakthas
A lot has been written in these
columns regarding beauty, Radha,
Rukmini and et’al. 

My Pranams to the Sri Krishna Bhakthi in 
Sow.Kalaiveni who triggered this beautifull

Have you heard of somebody more beautifull than Radha,
and Rukmini.
I would like to share something which
most of you must be knowing.
During Samudra Manthanam ( churning
of the Ocean) both Suras and Asuras
were sweating it out to get Amritha
from the Ocean. Lot of things came
out of the Ocean. Including the great
poison, which Mahadeva saved the
world by drinking it .
But behold what came subsequently
stunned and surprised even Mahalakshmi .
Lord Vishnu appeared in the from of a beautifull
woman with Amritha in his hands.
On seeing this beautifull manifestation of Sri Hari,
his consort Mahalaksmi ,for a moment ,felt why does
he need me, when he himself can assume
such a beautifull form.
As usual the Asuras due to there
Manda Buddi did not recognize
this form of Sri Hari. The Suras
who recognized this form of Sri Hari
bowed to him and prayed.The Suras
were in turn blessed by Sri Hari
by offering them the Amritha.

So here is the beautifull manifestation
Of Sri Hari, which surpassed the
beauties of Rukmini and Radha.

Sri KrishnArpana Mastu
NS Gururaj

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