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Grace of Sri Mattapallinaathan Seen.

From: Narasimhan KP (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 00:46:47 PST

Sri Mattapalli Naatham Pranathosmi Nithyam Namaha 
Sri Mattapalli Nruhari Charanou Sharanam Prabadhye 

Grace of Mattapalli Naathan seen: 

One of my friends Mr. Sridhar, 42 yrs, is an ex-serviceman working in a pvt co. He is suffering from diabetes since 31 yrs of age. In Sep.'01 he got a wound in his left leg, which not healed for quite sometime and had to be hospitalized for a week. Repeatedly he got the same trouble and suffering a lot. I have warned him to take some serious step and even suggested him to go to yoga where tremendous improvement can be seen. But he has been claiming lame excuses that he is preoccupied with his official schedule. Even then I have been warning him every now and then. 

One day bottom of his left leg [ullangaal] went black and had no sense at all. He approached military hospital where he can be treated free as he is an ex-serviceman. There the doctors asked him till what level his left leg can be amputated whether upto ankle or two, three inches more as the situation is advanced, they said. He got feared and went to a private hospital in Tambaram where 75% of the skin in that area is removed. But even after this he was not assured of any cure. He underwent repeated surgery, nearly eight surgeries took place in the same area in the past four months, and there was no improvement and rather it was even discouraging. On 6.2.02 doctor told him that maximum steps have been taken. There could nothing more to be done in it. If this is not improving still the only go is to go for amputation of his left leg at least till ankle point. Even there is no blood supply to the area below ankle in the left leg. Till now he spent nearly lack of rupees on this. 

He got depressed very much and worried about his future life as his son is just being educated. On account of this medication I couldn't have chance to talk to him personally for a long time. More over he is staying far away and he do not have any phone in his house. He himself came to me on 7.2.02 and explained about all happenings. I gave him a final warning. I asked him to prepare a holy knot praying Lord Mattapallinaathan by chanting Mattapalli Mangalashtakam, saying that this body is not mine and it is yours, I donít have any go except you, I totally surrender myself to you, from now onwards it is your problem to solve and nothing is mine. I asked him to pray sincerely, whole heartedly fixing Mahaviswaasam on HIM like Prahlad. 

On 8.2.02 he took Sankalpam as above. As astonishing to everybody within a week of his prayer he felt very good improvement. He is back with his normal sense in that area. The colour of the skin is becoming normal and even blood supply to that area is improved a lot. Even doctors are baffled with his improvement. Today [18.2.02] he came to me personally and expressed his happiness and thanked me. 

I told him that Lord Lakshminrusimhan is an electrical phenomenon as described by Sri Mukkur Swami. Once you touch his feet HE will not leave you to suffer. 


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