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From: Varadarajan Sourirajan (
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 21:04:16 PST

sri parthasarathy thunai
srimathe ramanujaya namaha
sri anand

  I am sorry.As i have told in my last mail I am not a
scholar or nor do I possess much knoledge in these
topics.But still let me put forth some more points.
   In ramayana,When lakshmana is asked who he was he
says if u ask rama this question he will say iam his
brother but according to me iam his dasan.So there is
two ways of seeing things.for the same thing two
people have two opinions.
   Radha may not be considered as one of the conserts
by our vaishnavite scholars but in krishnas view as
seen in rasa lila in bhagavatam radha is supposed to
be on the top of all the gopis.Even when he disappears
leaving all the gopis he takes radha with him.As
stated by him in geetha "ye yetha mam prapathyante
tham thathyva bajamyaham" I will be as people wish me
to me,He will surely take radha as his consert as she
wished to be.No one can deny it.
     When emperuman shri krishna had to go to mathura
leaving all gopis he specially feels leaving radha and
going and his feeling remains throughout.THis is
understood from his conversation with uthava after
which he sends uthave to brindavanam.Krishna then says
no one is so close to him as the gopis(and head of
them shree radhe).So radha has a nithya sambandam with
   Again emperuman is more close to his bhakthas than
even his piratimars.that is why nachiyar likes to be
in the alwar ghosthi even after attaining the nachiyar
pathavi.emperumans love or attachment towards the
bhakthas is proved in periyalwars pasuram"than adiyar
thirathagathu thamaraiyalakilum..........enadiyar
aduseiyar"Here sri periyavachanpillai when commenting
to the word enadiyar says that piratti who is supposed
to be full of arul if in case says a dhosam about an
adiyar then emperuman says enadiyar adu seiyar and he
supports his bhakthas.In this place when emperuman
says enadiyar "enge piratiyay vilakugirar".That is
till now perumal and piratti didnt have any thing
differnt for each other what ever was perumals it
belonged to piratti also they shared everything in
common.But now since piratti said a dhosam of his
adiyar(even if the adiyar is truly full of
dhosams)emperuman splits piratti from him and says
enadiyar instead of namadiyar and brings the devotee
closer to him.
  from this we see that bhakthas have a nithya
sambandam with perumal inspite of the innumerous
dhosams they have.And no one can reject the gopis to
be the best among the bhaktha ghosthi and radha being
their head can never be separated from bhagavan shree
krishna here in the view of radha who wants to be with
krishna always(akalakillane errayum) and also
krishna's view as he says to radha that he will appear
before her whenever she thinks of him since radha is
always in the thoughts of krishna how can krishna
leave her and go.So their sambandam is for ever.

  Due to my lack of knowledge this whole mail may be a
error still i beg the pardon of the learned people
since i am unable to control myself from putting
forward what i really feel.

Sorry for all the mistakes and apacharams committed
knowingly and unknowlingly

adiyen ramanuja dasyai
sumithra varadarajan

 Anand K Karalapakkam <> wrote:
> SrI:
> namO nArAyaNa!
>  Smt Sumithra :
>   Nappinnai and Radha are not the same personality.
>   The former is an avatAram of nIlA pirATTi and
>    the latter is a baddha jIvAtma. In
> YAdavAbhyudayam,
>    clear distinction is made by SwAmi DESikan.
>    There is a VishNu purANam verse to the effect
>    and also a verse in SrI-Stuti reg avatArams of
> pirATTi
>    and PerumAL.
>  aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
>  Anand.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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