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Has anyone seen Lord Laxmi Narayana.

From: gururaj rao (
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 10:04:03 PST

Ramaya Rama Bhadraya Ramachandraya Vedase
Raghunathaya Nathaya Seetaya Pataye Namah

Manmano Bhista Vardam, Sarvabhista PhalaPradam
Purundara Gurum Vande, Dasa Shrestam Dayanidhim

Dear  freinds
Has anyone seen Lord Laxmi Narayana.

Some one has asked such a nice question.

My answer is, NO SIR, I have definitely not seen Shree
Laksmi Narayana (SLN).
If I would have seen him, I would’nt be here
to describe him.
To tell you frankly not to speak of SLN,
at times you have a doubt whether God really exists.

But let us begin with the assumption, that God exists.
All theories start with some assumption.
If people did not assume and start somewhere
you would not have had Edisons and Einsteins
in this world.
Let us start assuming that God exists. Please
Graduate from here. If God exists he should
have some form. Now where do you get his
description. You get his description from the Vedas.

Start with an assumption that there is something
called Vedas. Now Vedas cannot be understood without
the knowledge of Sanskrit. Please go to the nearest
bookshop and buy any book which Translates
Veda into a language you know. These  Vedas describe
Can I ask you a question does AIR (we breathe)
exist? Yes it exists since we can feel it, eventhough
we can’t see it.
Even God exists the way air exists, but we
cannot see air, but we can feel air, similarly
we can feel God.
Now the question is how to feel God?
Please go to the corner of a room
and think in the following manner.
Think of your body. The Vedas say
your body represents the Universe.
Now you breathe, your heart beats,
All your organs are working. How
are these taking place. There must be
a force which is driving all these.
The driving force of all these is God.
Similarly the Universe, the Planetary
System, is all driven by God.

Sorry for being very elaborate.
But follow the above steps, and
think, you will slowly realize
the existence of God. Please
search for a GURU (teacher)
he will further guide and train
you how to realize GOD.

NS Gururaj

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