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From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 23:12:15 PST


Dear Sri.N.S.Gururaj,

You wrote:
> 1) I definitely agree that this is a
> forum wherein you would like to predominantly
> discuss Sri Vaishnavism ( Vishistadvaita).
> We are like guests at your forum, and please bear
> with us, if we have little bit of a divergent
> view. Tolerance is a great Virtue.
> Very important, we are also learning a lot from
> this forum.

This is not  a controversial topic but a very philosophical one. There are
bound to be disagreements which is the norm. The brain which accepts
contradictary thoughts is a confused one.  Accepting one stream of thought
represents one's logical and analytical capabilities but respecting other's
views represents one's culture.

> 2) Basically followers of every Acharya
> feels his is the best and is the true interpretation
> of Vedas. We, with our limited faculties, there
> is know way we can say, who is correct
> and who is wrong.
> 3) Born in an extremely orthodox Madhwa
> Brahmin family, I was taught that Madhwa's
> teachings are the best, and only Madhwas
> can attain Mukthi. When I was a young boy
> I was totally confused and did not agree
> with this concept of ours. I used to think
> how can this be, everybody feels his

I am not being ecumenical here. Pardon me for not being so, since being
secular does not mean that one has to be ecumenical in nature. Respect and
ecumen are two different words and have totally different meanings.

> is the best.
> I will give you another example, Protestants feel
> Catholics are no good . And Protestants feel they
> truly represent Christainity. Who represents true
> Christainity nobody knows.

On a lighter note Jesse Jackson seems to know the original christianity.
There are many denominations in christianity not just protestant and
catholic.Obviously we are not discussing Christianity in this forum. I am
not one of the members of the Taliban who go about destroying other temples
or so. I reiterated in my email that I respect the Gaudiya Vaishnava
sampradya and temples, etc etc but when it comes to their philosophy there
certainly can be questions raised and discussed since philosophy is
"intellectual pursuit of wisdom" as Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
defines it.

> 4) This is where I agree with Sri Mohan
> wherein he says Anubhavam is more
> important.You please tell me
> which of the three Acharays the
> following Bhakthas followed,
> You have Sri Tulasidas in the north,
> You have Jalaram Bapa in Gujarath,
> You have Sant Tukaram in Maharastra,
> You have Saint Thyagraja in the South.
> You mean to say they were not
> Bhagawath Bhaktas. Not to forget
> Sri Shirdi Saibaba, or Guru Nanak.
> You mean to say whatever they preached
> was wrong and they had no following.

I did not bring the above mentioned bhaktas into the picture. I am concered
about *Gaudiya Vaishnavism* not what the above mentioned bhaktas preached.
Don't drag the topic we were discussing to a different scenario. We can deal
with what the above mention bhaktas preached in different topics, time

> Anubhawams are preordained, we get the
> Right Anubhawams only with the devine
> Grace of Lord Sri Hari.

There *is* a difference between anubhavam with jnAnam and anubhavam with
alpa-jnAnam. Sri Lakshmikumar has already explained this in his previous
mail. I am assuming you have a good reading comprehension when you read his


Malolan Cadambi

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