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Contribution and Sankalpam Information for the Upcoming Laksharchana@Banglore Parakala Matham

From: Rajeev (
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 07:18:21 PST

Sri Laxmi Hayavadana Lakshmi Narayanabhyam Nama:
Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Guru Paramparaayai Nama:

Dear Bhaktas

I urge all of you once again to join us and participate in the
upcoming Laksharchana for Sri Laxmi Hayagriva PerumaL at
Sri Parakala Matham, Banglore. It is indeed a unique opportunity
to participate in this sevai. Undertaking Laksharchana is not a
easy task and definitely not possible to do single-handedly. PerumAL
Himself has given us this opportunity to take part in His Sevai, showing
once again, HIS anantha kalyaana gunas towards HIS bhaktas. More
details of this function can be obtained from

I have spoken to the festival coordinators in Banglore regarding the
contributions and sankalpam information. The most important thing is
to receive your PLEDGES and SANKALPAM information towards
this Laksharchana, so that at the time of sankalpam, all of your information
is available and a priest can take the sankalpam on your behalf.

Kindly send all the sankalpam information AND your mailing address
for mailing the prasadam directly to the following email address:

Thereafter, your contributions can be mailed to the address shown
on the webpage directly. Alternatively, several bhaktas are
mailing the checks to me here in the US for pooling of funds and a
bulk transfer of funds to Sri Parakala Matham, Banglore. I would be glad
to do so, as it is my honor and responsibility towards the Matham, if you
feel comfortable.  However, I request you to make sure the sankalpam
information is sent directly to so that all
contributions are accounted for.


rajeev karamchedu

"Sri Laxmi Hayagriva Parabrahmane Nama:"

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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