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From: Varadarajan Sourirajan (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 16:25:50 PST

sri parthasarathy thunai
srimathe ramanujaya namaha
dear bhagavatals,
   There is quite a lot of discussion going on the
topic of hari's green color.Though adiyen has no
knowledge to take part in the discussion I would like
to say a few points.These quotes are surely not
pramanams or anything to add points to for or against
in the discussion.This is something a sort of
information i would like to put forth in the feet of
the great scholars and learned people taking part in
the discussion.
  I happened to hear Bharathiar 's song "kakai
chiralinile" today and on hearing the following lines 
wanted to put to the sight of the bhagavatals in the

Here bharathiar combines both arguments
1.The green color of hari is due to Rukmani who gets
the green color due to the richness of the trees and
the floras.So on looking at the trees he is reminded
of Hari
2.Here instead of saying iam reminded of Hari or
sriman narayana he says undam pacchi niram thorudada
NANADALALA refering to Krishna we see his
anubhavam is also with krishna avatara who is none
other than narayana himself"krishnastu bhagavan
  There is also one sloka(i think it is desika
strotram) though Iam unable to quote the correct
slokam,it says whenever bhagvan takes birth his
consert sridevi also takes birth in different
forms.When he was rama she came as sita(ekapatni
viradhan),when he was in gokulam(nanadalala) she was
radha(nappinni according to our alwars) and when he
was in dwaraka as dwarakadesh she was rukmini
since krishna is supposed to be a srilolan not like
rama who was ekapatni virathan.Names may differ but
the vastu remains the same.Though in avatars the god
doesnt show all his kalyana gunas still he is "poorna
Brahma Sanathanam".The same wholes good for the pirati
also.It may be sita,radha or rukmini the  vastu
remains the same.
 These are just my humble opinions.though I have the
knowledge like the other bhagavatals i just wanted to
put forward what ever came to my low mind.The mistakes
or apacharams may kindly me forgived my the learned

adiyen ramanuja dasyai
sumithra varadarajan

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