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Re: Of Hari, Green, Radha

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 20:03:27 PST


Dear Smt.Swamy Swarna,

I appreciate your comments and I thank you for your appreciation of my previous posts.

Point 1) I am *not* a scholar. What I state is merely what my purvAcharyas and present day acharyas state. I use the same arguements as they use and it is only due to their credit and training that I can pursue the shruthis and the sri sookthis. If I have expressed anything wrong it is only due to my folly and foolhardiness. On the other hand, all the credit goes to my purvAcharyas and present day acharyas.

> If we accept Sri Krishna as Para Brahma, can we deny
> that Sri Radha is Para Shakti? The Devi Puranam which
> I read is called Sri Devi Bhagavatam and is authored
> by the same Sage Veda Vyasa. I said Puranam in a
> synonymous sense. Whether that is part of Padma
> Puranam, I don't know, but the telugu translation does
> not mention that.

Please pursue my previous articles and the article "KrushnAstu Bhagavan Swayam" which can be found in the Bhakti List Archives. In order not to be redundant, I am avoiding posting the entire long article here. Here is a link for the article:

If you do not have time to read that entire article, here is a slokam from the Gopala Vimshati of Swami Vedanta Desikan on the KrishnA Avataram

jayati lalitAvRttIm sikshito vallavInAm.
Sitila valaya sincA SItalairhasta tAlai: |
akhilabhuvanarakshA gopaveSasya viSno:
AdhAra maNi sudhAyAm. amsavAn vam.AsnAla: ||  <Verse 16 of Gopala Vimshati of Swami Desikan>

Concentrate on the line "akhilabhuvanarakshA *gopaveSasya viSno*"

Gopavesasya Visno: means Vishnu in Gopala's Vesha(Literally Disguise, in this context an Avatara). 
It is beyond tangible doubt that Krishna is the Avatara of Vishnu and not the other way round.

Here is a translation of the Verse by Dr.V.Sadagopan:

The incarnation of Vishnu taking the form of a cowherd to protect all the universes has on its coral-red lips the bamboo flute that tastes the nectar of this Gopala's mouth. As he plays the flute on the banks of the Yamuna river during the moon-lit nights, the lovelorn Gopis engage in rAsa krIDa with him. The Gopis beat taaLam to the music of their Lord with their cool hands decorated with golden bangles. Their follow-up with taaLam suggests as though they are teaching the abhinayam step known as LaLitham to the flute of the Lord. [The Abhinaya sastras describe LaLitham as the gesture, where the dancer places her hands on the appropriate portion of the body and change the movement of her eyebrows to mimic the different rasas. The delectable interplay between the bhAvam, rAgam and tALam - Bharatanatyam - is suggested here as the rAsa krIDa progresses.] 

Point 2). The Para-Shakti is *not* the brahman. The Suddha Sattva is only an aspect of the Brahman but not the brahman itself.  Could you please the quote from the Devi Bhagavatam as I cannot comment on the same without reading the original. I am in earnest to receive your reply at your earliest convenience.

You may want to pursue this link for a detailed answer:

> I bow again in respect to the scholar that Shri
> Cadambi certainly is. I respect his forthrightness in
> his views. I requested for kindness and love in
> criticism and correcting another's viewpoint, since
> all of us are not endowed with the charming devotion
> and humility of Sow.Kalaivani.

Point 3) I never meant any triade when replying to Smt.Kalaivani's mail. This is the second time I am writing about this and I clearly will state it once again "I never meant to hurt the feelings of Smt.Kalaivani". I respect her deep devotion to gopAla and am *humbled* by it. When I wrote the article countering Smt.Kalaivani's explanations, I never meant to disrespect her. I request you *not* to construe that my replies were devoid of love and kindness. 

Best Regards,

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,

Malolan Cadambi

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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