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Re:Anubhawam and Pandithyam

From: gururaj rao (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 11:19:22 PST

Dear Sri Mohan TL

Subject : Re Anubhawam and Pandithyam

I fully agree with your views on this.
I was looking for these two important words
that is Anubhawam can I call it Experience,
and Pandithyam can I call it Gnana.
I agree with you that Experience is more
important than Gnana . Is int Bhakthi
a form of Experience. That is why I regard
Bhakthi more important than Gnana.
Whether Bhakthi comes from Gnana or
Gnana comes from Bhakthi, I am not very
sure of this. For the sake of argument
let me say Bhakthi and Gnana are complimentary.
But Experience I feel is very important.
You take for example the great saint
Tulasidas, I donot know whether he
followed Dwaitha, Adwaitha or Vishista adwaitha.
There is no mention of any of these in his works.
Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.
But his works are based purly on his
Anubhawam and Bhakthi to Lord Sri Ram.
I find from my experience
reciting the Hanuman Chalisa composed
by Sri Tulasidas gives me a lot of mental peace
and lot of Bhakthi is filled in it. It is a great
master piece by Tulasidas. In fact I have
read Ramacharitamanas  composed by
Tulasidas and I find it also great, filled with
Lot of devotion to Lord Sri Rama.
I am tempted to recite the first Para of
Hanuman Chalisa---
Jaya Hanumana Gnana Guna Sagara
Jai Kapisha Tihu Loka Ujagara
Rama Doota Atulita Baladhama
Anjani Putra Pavanasutanama
Mahavira Vikrama Bajarangi
Kumati Nivara Sumati ke Sangi……..

With regards
Jai Siya Ram
NS Gururaj

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