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Re: Of Hari, Green, Radha

From: swamy swarna (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 08:20:55 PST

Hari Om. Shri Malolan Kadambi Swamy has certainly much
more knowledge of scriptures than many of us. When I
received his detailed point-by-point reply to my
posting, I was for once very happy. I was immediately
reminded of the Sloka from Sri Bhagavad Gita,
"Tadvidhhi Pranipatena Pariprasnena Sevaya...",
Chapter 4-Sloka 34, where Sri Krishna tells Sri Arjuna
how to get true Jnan. So by respectfully asking or
sometimes even by innocently provoking learned
scholars, we get enriched in our knowledge. So, we all
should thank Sow. Kalaivani (may God bless her!) for
triggering this interesting discussion, where another
humble Krishna Bhakta Sri Guru Raj Rao has also made
good contribution. 

And my thanks to Sri Lakshmikumar for some very nice

Sri Krishna, the son of Devaki and Vasudeva was
accepted as God, Parabrahma by Sri Bhishma as
evidenced by him in Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram. In
fact, Maha Bharatham is called the 5th Veda as it
contains the essence of all Vedas. And Sri Vyasa, who
authored Maha Bharatam was considered the incarnation
of Sri Vishnu Himself. And He, in His kindness has
given all of us two precious jewels, viz., Sri
Bhagawad Gita and Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stotram. 

If we accept Sri Krishna as Para Brahma, can we deny
that Sri Radha is Para Shakti? The Devi Puranam which
I read is called Sri Devi Bhagavatam and is authored
by the same Sage Veda Vyasa. I said Puranam in a
synonymous sense. Whether that is part of Padma
Puranam, I don't know, but the telugu translation does
not mention that.

Yes, I too wish that I knew more of Sanskrit. But even
through Telugu, one can learn a lot.

Finally knowledge and Bhakti are different. I respect
the vast knowledge of Sri Malolan Cadambi, but I also
respect the Bhakti of Chy.Sow. Kalaivani and her utter
humility (I was touched by her beautiful apology).

I for one think of Vishnu as 'All Pervading'. So I
would expect Him to be in all beings, with all colors
that we can think of. I wouldn't mind if He appears to
me in say red or yellow color.

I bow again in respect to the scholar that Shri
Cadambi certainly is. I respect his forthrightness in
his views. I requested for kindness and love in
criticism and correcting another's viewpoint, since
all of us are not endowed with the charming devotion
and humility of Sow.Kalaivani.

Hari Om.


--- Lakshmikumar <> wrote:
> SrI:
> SrImatE rAmAnujAya nama:
> Dear SrI mAlOlan cadAmbi swAmin,
> namO nArAyaNa!
> --- In bhakti-list@y..., "Malolan Cadambi"
> <mcadambi@y...> wrote:
> > Radha in the Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya is
> recognised
> as an amsam of > the Vaanaras who re-incarnated
> during
> the Krishna Avatara as 
> > Gopikas. 
> Could you please cite any SrI Vaishnava achAryA's
> work
> in proof of this statement? 
> > Radha is refered to in Swami Vedanta Desikar's
> Yadhavabhudayam. 
> > Yadhava-bhudhayam was commented upon even by the
> Advaitha Scholar 
> > Appayya Diskhita. This also means that the advaita
> school or as a 
> > matter of fact even the dvaita school do not
> recognise Krishna as
> > the supreme god-head, but Krishna is recognised
> only
> as an avatara > of Sriman naarayana.
> Could you please explain how *this* also means that
> advaitis or dvaitins do not recognize SrI krishna as
> the Supreme Godhead? 
> SrI krishna is considered the Supreme God by SrI
> vaishnava achAryAs. Just to make your statements
> clearer, for SrI vaishnavAs, Lord SrI krishnA = The
> Supreme Godhead (para-brahman) = SrIman nArAyNa. The
> vEdAs and other shAstrAs, in one voice, speak this
> truth.   
> (Reference:- Tattvam, Hitam, PurushArttam -
> Telephonic
> discourse by HH SrImad Azhagiya Singar)
> > HaritA means Green. This word is attributed to
> Mahalakshmi to 
> > emphasize the fact that the green wealth of the
> forests and crops 
> > have personified Mahalakshmi as Green therefore
> HaritA. Hari due to > his association with
> Mahalakshmi
> is also Green therefore becoming 
> > HaritA sametha Hari. 
> Thanks for the beautiful explanation.
> > Her bhakti anubhavam is laudable. But without
> proper
> knowledge of 
> > attributes, contemplating on them or devotion
> towards them not 
> > recommended. 
> Sow. Kalaivani has a great bhakti at her age of 20,
> which many of the older, more learned people do not
> have. aDiyEn understands from her posts that she has
> willingness to learn and also has so much meekness, 
> that a lot of us lack either in writings, actions,
> or
> in the thoughts. These great qualities of her
> definetly merit appreciation.
> aDiyEn,
> LakshmikumAr rAmAnuja dAsan
> SrImad Azhagiya Singar thiruvadigalE saranam!
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