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Re: Of Hari, Green, Radha

From: Mohan T L (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 04:17:20 PST

Hari Hari,

Adiyen went through few postings of Shree. M Cadambi,
Shree. Lakshmi Kumar and Shree. Gururaj Rao on this
topic. Adiyeen respects the postings of all the three
Bhagavathaas. I would also like to put forth my
opinions on this topic after having read these

It is very rare to get a Person with both *Paandityam*
and *Anubhavam* together. But *Paandityam* always
takes a second seat after *Anubhavam*.

All of our SadaAachaaryaas (Shree. Aadi Shankarar,
Shree. Vudayavar, Shree. Madhwachaaryar) had both of
extreme *Anubhavams* and *Pandityam*.

*Anubhavams* need not be / should not be / cannot be
reasoned with Logic / Tarkam.

It is always adivisable to be some Aachaarya
Paramparai for Bhagavad Vishayams to get the TRUTH as
it is. But occassionally Shreeman Narayanan blesses
*Anubhavams* to people not being in any Aachaarya
Paramparai, just to give us the glimpse of his
*Soulabhyam* (Eg : Valmiki Maharshi, Pandarapur
Bhaktaas, Bhakta Meera, Kabir Das Etc.)

One should not / never (more so with a Bhaagavathan)
make an attempt to make some gradations (or
classifications) in the matters related to Bhagavad
Vishayam, Bhaagavatha Vishayam (Sarva Deeva
Namaskaaraha Keshavam pratigachhati)

The staunch followers of any SadaAchaarya Paramparai
need not be with strong words while commenting on
other  SadaAchaarya Paramparai, because this would
severely pain ShreemanNaaraayanan.

Nishtai in any SadaAachaarya Sampradaayam will have to
be kept purely personal and not for any arguments.

Very often, one may come across religous beliefs /
practices that tend to promote "Anya Sharanaagati" (in
contrast to "Ananya Sharanaagati" to
"ShreemanNaaraayanan"), or any such thing. In such
situations, one can only pity such practices, or if
possible one can make attempts to give proper inputs
in soft ways, instead of getting into any arguments.

Adiyen's aparaadhams in this mail may kindly be
excused by the learned Bhaagavathaas of the Bhakti
Group. Adiyen did not intend to hurt anyone. These are
Adiyen's honest opinions.

Hari Hari

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